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Chapter 40 – Silver mines (1)

There was an inn located in central Schafflund and the owner a normal middle-aged man. However, the ale sold there had exceptional taste and thus attracted many recurring customers.

Most of them were locals who worked in the silver mines six days every week and returned every Sunday to rest, with a terrible body odor worked up from perspiration. They had loud, boorish voices, ignored what others thought of them, and leered at the waitresses.

If any barkeep girl flirted with them, they would definitely be booed at.

A few young men sat in one corner and stole glances at the noisy drinkers while discussing their affairs. Their parents were workers at the mine, and so were they. But these youths’ restless and brash personalities made them unwilling to resign themselves to spend their whole lives in this manner, and were currently discussing with each other to leave this town and see the outside world.

They had spent their entire lives within the town, and the furthest they went to was the forest, and the ideas they had of other regions came from the adventurers that came into the inns.

When they were finally prepared to leave Schafflund, they arranged the time to meet up and depart. However, they heard a cold scoff emitted through the nose near them. The young men’s startled heads whipped quickly to the opposite table in guilt and saw an aging dwarf.

He had a large nose and long braided beard that reached to his waist. Metal clasps were wrapped around his stocky arms, his legs short but thick and powerful. His skin color did not belong to a mountain dwarf’s ruddy complexion but a pale grey color.

The youths’ expressions immediately contorted. The old dwarf’s name was Odum; they did not know where he came from, but he was rumored to be skilled in mining and was hired to be a foreman.

His temper was atrocious, personality stubborn, and was inflexible; he never humored anyone. He seemed to have troubles of his own, and many had seen him drinking by his lonesome self— Dwarves love to drink, but they rarely do so on their own, and certainly unlikely to put a snarling grimace while ignoring everyone.

That was not the end of his unfavorable impression. He was also arrogant and looked down on everyone, even speaking badly about his superiors. He was bad-tempered enough to even insult the king, so they saw him as an eccentric person and ignored his actions.

The youths who saw him instantly cried bitterly in their hearts. One of them who had better social sense immediately spoke in a friendly tone: “Foreman Odum, we didn’t see you—”

The old dwarf glared at them: “Why, did I disturb you?”

“No, no, not at all. Would you allow us to treat you to a few rounds……”

“I don’t give a shit about your treat, but I’ll remind you young’uns that the world outside is harder than you think. Be careful not to get knocked in the head on your way out.” Odum snorted from his nose.

The youth

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