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Chapter 64 – King of the Underground (15)

Brendel suddenly recalled that he needed to familiarize himself with Kodan’s sword and swung it several times. He found that it was sturdy and light, but it was just a common Magic Sword.

[A pretty low-end magic weapon. I’ve used something similar in regards to the size and length, though I don’t remember its name since it was a temporary thing.]

The ground was scarred lightly with from the wind, and dust danced about with each swing. Kodan’s eyelids were slightly lifted up.

“That technique really is the White Raven Sword Arte. But it’s never taught outside the royal family, so how did the kid learn it?” He rubbed the remainder of his beard thoughtfully and muttered to himself.

This same action also incited a debate amongst the youths—

“What is he doing?” Maher watched Brendel’s sword glinting against the light while it was swung in beautiful arcs.

“Maybe he’s creating some kind of smokescreen?” Jocah said uncertainly: “Perhaps he’s trying to score a victory over the enemy by creating a chance. Fighting a battle requires one to use his brains, got that, Maher?”

“Oh? And how would he see his enemies in the smoke?”

Jocah’s mouth opened for a while before he rolled his eyes with a huff: “Then it must be some kind of special technique. Why would he create trouble for himself? Just think about it a little and it will be all clear—”

But Cohen was certain of a different answer after observing Brendel carefully. “He’s familiarizing himself with the sword.”

A few other youths chattered in response after hearing his remark.

“He’s doing that?”

“But is it really fine to change to a new sword at the last minute?”

“Commander Kodan gave his personal sword to him, and it’s strange that he’s carrying so many swords behind him. I think all his swords are of low quality.”

Even though they did not know much about wielding a sword, they were certain that it would affect his performance.

At that moment, Brendel had stopped his actions and appeared ready.

Medissa did not bring her unicorn with her because they were there on a mission, but she was just as skilled on the ground. She brought her lance upright on the ground and stood beside her young lord.

While the youths briefly wondered if the Elven girl had any capability to fight when she did her own noticeable actions, Kodan glanced at her posture and gave a thoughtful hum to show he was impressed with her skill.

The gate opposite of the challengers was once again raised, and the monster that appeared was the very same Cerberus that died earlier. Three large heads growled repeatedly as the monster’s claws dug deep into the ground. Six bloodshot eyes glanced at their surroundings and sought out the enemies before them.

Its appearance caused a small commotion as nobody expected that the creature would return again.

This time it appeared to have learned from its previous experience. It waited t

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