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Chapter 16 – The battle for the sawmills (3)

The Subterrane Dwellers in the sawmill quickly discovered a team of adventurers. They were comprised of a few warriors, two crossbowmen, and one wizard. Regardless of whether it was in Aouine or Kirrlutz, it was a common combination.

When the human team appeared, it was undoubtedly a provocation to the territorial Subterrane Dwellers. A shrill whistle quickly rang out within the fortress. The massive wooden gate was raised noisily with groans, and two groups of the Underworld creatures rushed out, following the river’s coastline as their feet stomped through the water before they started wading across.

They divided into two and attempted the surround the adventurers. The crossbowmen fired two shots. One missed, while the other struck one of the Subterrane Dweller’s chest, but it did not penetrate through. The impact from the hit caused it take a step back, stirring the water lightly, but that was it. The creature shook its head, raised its spear and continued following its group.

“Their hides are certainly thick,” Cornelius who was hiding in the bushes frowned as he saw the results, “the rumors are true. Even a hundred of these creatures is trouble for us, let alone a thousand.”

“Their speed is shockingly fast. It’s nearly three hundred feet from the river, and yet they only took a few seconds! Surely they are swifter than best riders!” Jana said in alarm.

“Swifter than the fastest riders? That is because you have not seen excellent cavalry, miss Jana.” Raban gave a short laugh.

The female commander immediately shut her lips sourly and glared at him.

Brendel nodded to agree with Raban’s assessment. The creatures could be compared to a Tier 2 mounted unit and were slightly slower than the best horses. But Vaunte’s mounted troops did not exclusively use warhorses. Aouine’s strongest flying troops were called ‘Cruising Knights’, describing how quickly and effortlessly they entered into the battlefield. They rode flying dragons and were considered elites amongst the flying mounted troops.

“That’s enough.” Cornelius stopped their quarrel, “My lord, there are at least two hundred of these creatures in the sawmill. Which a large number, there is no way our men can handle them.” He shook his head, and his silver hair shimmered against the sunlight that peeked through the dense foliage: “Do you have any solutions?”

His gaze seemed to hold an intentional meaning.

Amandina scoffed lightly at the other side. She had seen through his thoughts. Indeed, if Brendel and Scarlett were relied upon, a frontal assault would not be difficult. Two Gold-ranked versus a hundred Iron-ranked was not much trouble at all. If the mercenaries helped in the process, they would be able to forcefully conquer the sawmill, and it would take at most two hours.

But if he was to follow these sellswords at every step, what authority would he still have? Yet when she looked at Brendel, he was

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