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Chapter 32 – Expansion (13)

The wealth Graudin left behind was handled quite messily. Brendel had left the management of it entirely to Amandina, which she then allowed Romaine to use the wealth to invest in Trentheim’s businesses as well as restoration to the city.

Soon after, Ciel, the three commanders, and the grandmaster craftsman Bosley were given a certain level of rights to use the wealth as well.

Brendel arranged it in this manner purely to enjoy the convenience of not having to deal with it after attempting to do so initially. Even though he accepted the responsibilities as a guild leader for a certain time in the game, it was under the system’s assistance to log in the members’ contributions and basic calculations for budgets.

Now that he lacked this function, he realized the amount of administrative work was overwhelming him, and quickly discovered that it was becoming a chaotic mess. After several attempts to put together a budget, he found many issues that made it unable to work.

He soon threw it to Amandina who also had trouble handling it on her own.

In the end, it was Romaine who went up to Amandina and suggested that she would take control of the entire budget by herself by logging in the data and stabilizing the entire system.

It was the first time Brendel realized Romaine’s prototype system worked.

When he glanced at her accounting methods, he realized that he did not understand the majority of it. When he inquired about it, she replied that it was taught by her aunt. The symbols looked familiar, so he asked Ciel if the latter knew anything about Romaine’s method, and he received the reply that it was probably the secret language between witches.

Brendel nodded and did not mind the secretive nature. The people he could rely the most on, leaving his summons aside, were Freya and Romaine.

After studying it for a little longer, he finally looked at the people quarreling a short distance away. It had been persisting for quite some time; Jana’s voice was the loudest, Cornelius seemed to be arguing for his cause while Bosley was trying to drown out Jana, and Amandina interjected from time to time. But the person who spoke the most was Medissa who attempted to dissuade them from fighting. It seemed like no one was going to convince each other.

“What are they arguing about?” He asked.

Romaine immediately shook her head happily, imitating Amandina’s disapproving voice: “Only the ones involved know how valuable resources are, my lord—”

Brendel’s brow raised up and felt like he had guessed what the core issues were.

Amandina had a disapproving frown on her forehead while she looked at the people in front of her. Even though she maintained her basic manners, she was truly annoyed inside.

She definitely supported her lord in his decision to get his own army. She also knew that Jana, Cornelius, Raban and the Nightsong Tiger had their missions from Brendel, and that Jana was recrui

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