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The Amber Sword Volume 2 Chapter 143

Chapter 143 – Warm words of Hope (5)

The little’s girl clouded emerald eyes seemed to bring forth a certain vigor in her body. She wore a grey flaxen dress but was barefooted, while her thin arms looked almost like they were malnourished. Each of her hands were linked to Amandina and Romaine’s hands as they walked side-by-side. When she walked towards Brendel she bit her lips nervously and looked up at him.

Her green hair were like newly sprouted vines covering her dusty face. Even though her eyes were weak and timid, she did not shy away from his gaze, rather, she was studying him carefully.

“And who might this be?” He said.

[Emerald-like eyes only belong to Forest Elves and pure-blooded Senia citizens, but her green waist-long hair is remarkably striking— The only NPC I have ever seen with such green hair is the Avatar of Forest.]

“Scarlett rescued her from the riders. She might have been kidnapped from the nearby village.” Amandina answered as he lowered her head and carefully combed the little girl’s hair.

“Do you know she’s a Senia citizen?” He suddenly said.

“What’s a Senia citizen, Brendel?” Romaine asked with blinking eyes.

“A Senia citizen?” Amandina’s hand drew back momentarily and hesitated, but eventually went back to comb her hair. The little girl looked up at her and saw the latter had complicated expressions.

There were many rumors about these ‘Green Folks’. One of the highly circulated rumors was this: The Senia citizens carried a disease that turned people into beasts. Most humans did not want to come into contact with them, and nobles were even more loathed to go near them. In certain areas, some extremists even support burning these pagans in order to prevent these supposed disease from spreading.

“What’s your name?” Brendel ignored Amandina’s reaction, softened his tone and asked the little girl.

He was indifferent to the different races. The Senia fled to the south in the forest some seven or eight hundred years ago to avoid the Dragon of Darkness while the other races participated in the battle to fight for their freedom. Civilization progressed while the Senia lagged behind because of their isolation.

The various races thought they deserved the discrimination they had.

The little girl did not respond.

“She doesn’t understand our language.” Amandina answered.

Brendel was not surprised. He nodded and straightened up his body: “That’s fine, I can roughly guess where she’s from, but I’m a little puzzled.”

Amandina nodded to agree with him. Graudin’s private soldiers must have realized the little girl was a Senia, and it must have been great mercy to spare her from death. Even if this was some other land outside Trentheim, it was legal for the army to execute a Senia citizen.

Brendel took a few steps forward and surveyed the land around him.

“We’re sending her to the Viridien village.” He said.

“The Viridien vill

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