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Chapter 151 – Breaking dawn (4)

============= Graudin’s POV =============

Graudin concentrated on the countless torches that were gathering to a single point in the city. His expression was a rigid mixture of regret and fear. He should have surrounded “Viscount Gaston” and killed him at all costs before he left the city in the afternoon.

But he felt more fear than regret. Even though he knew that Madara’s undead army was in the city and understood the Skeleton Lord would not let him die here, he felt his fingertips cold and numb, while his heart palpitated quickly and loudly. He even felt a chill on the tip of his head, as though there was a sword was hovering over it.

He subconsciously felt the injury on his face. He appeared calm in front of his subordinates, but he was secretly panicking. He could not forget Brendel’s cold eyes as the latter spat out this line:

“I’ll leave your head on your body for now. I’ll come and take it the next time—”

He did not expect his threat to come true only after one day.

He turned back. Behind him was a mysterious guest who wore a suit of black chain armor. He was covered with a black robe with winged patterns on it, wore a dark mask that hid most of his features, and only revealed a pair of golden eyes.

He held on to a huge scythe with his right hand; a sharp golden-clawed glove was worn on it. He was looking at the battlefield over Graudin’s shoulders silently.

The Black Knight, the Scales of Justice, Iamas, one of the four knights of Madara— (TL: This is the first time this character is introduced.)

But he was different from the Pale knight Ebdon or the Red Knight Ladios, as Iamas was already highly ranked as Tarkas’s right hand.

There were many legends about him, and it was rumored that anyone who saw him without his mask would be dead. No living or dead had ever seen his real face.

“Lord Baron. There’s no need to worry, our great army will be here momentarily—” The Black Knight’s voice was pleasant enough to make one think he was smiling under his mask, despite his slightly cold tone. “I have heard from the reports that the viscount is moving on his own. Even though I laud him for his bravery, he clearly lacks the wisdom to see his position. Kabias will have no problems fighting someone who just reached the prowess of a Gold-ranked fighter.”

Even though his words assured Graudin, he thought about the youth that Medes had mentioned before. He paused for a moment as he felt the interest to meet the latter, before he continued speaking: “We will leave the decision to you if you wish to torture or kill him.” (TL: Medes was the one who led the undead surrounding Fortress

(TL: Medes was the one who led the undead surrounding Fortress Riedon.)

Graudin scoffed. He knew Madara was still uninterested to interfere with the nobles’ fights in Aouine, but he was still delighted with his answer.

When he thought about the trouble which Brendel had given him,

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