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Chapter 159 – Planeswalker’s battle (2)

Brendel opened the book, his finger landing to a particular page.

[Seventh page, second row.]

– Unlocking this Card requires 100 Wealth.

The image of the Card centered in his eyes.

[Unlock it.]

The 381 Wealth that he had gathered from not summoning Medissa in the past month dwindled instantly.

[The stars in heaven shall cast its shadows upon the chaotic mysteries. Display Card of Fate: Eternity Orb.]

He held the card up with his thumb and index finger as he spoke in his mind.

– Eternity Orb

– (Visionary Artifact IX)

– Costs 10 Will, 10 Mana Points

– Artifact/Fantasy-ranked rarity

– Pay 5 Will and Tap the card. Choose a Card that has entered the field and copy it.

– The Eternity Globe can copy only one card in the field when used.

Brendel paid 10 Fire EP as Mana to cast the card. It floated into the air and turned into a mysterious Magic Formation. A moment later, an orb the size of a fist appeared with seventeen smaller mercury spheres revolving around it appeared and hovered around Brendel’s shoulder.

Kabias was taken aback by the appearance of the artifact. The moment it appeared, it suppressed the Soul Fire in its eye sockets.

[A Fantasy-ranked artifact? Impossible, a mere Silver-ranked summoner and an Iron-ranked Elementalist summoning a Fantasy-ranked artifact! I can’t let him cast any more spells—]

It was the first time the Skeleton Lord felt Brendel’s threat to be true. It let out a guttural roar and rushed forward to attack him.

Brendel also felt the same pressure from the lack of time. He smoothly slid out the second card and placed it down, while spending 5 Fire EP to activate the Eternity Orb and put it into a tapped phase:

[The light of mercy descends from the sky, the messenger of the Gods emerges forth from the light.]

– Pristine Archangel

– (The Immortal Alliance III)

– Costs 5 Light Element Points

– [Angel creature/Knight, level 20 Elite]

– When Pristine Angel enters the battlefield, shuffle one non-black Card from the Graveyard into your Deck.

– Pay 1 Light Element Point every day when Pristine Archangel is in the field.

– ‘The light of mercy descends from the sky, the messenger of the Gods emerges forth from the light.’

Kabias’s short spear was mere meters away when Brendel pointed his finger at it. A bright light burst forth, and white feathers decorated the air. Four pairs of wings guarded Brendel’s flanks and intercepted the short spear’s thrust with two sharp metallic screams.

Kabias’s Soul Fire shook when it realized it was being blocked by something strong enough to stop its charge. Two swords had crossed their paths against the short spear. Complex runes and patterns were carved from the hilt to the bright swords’ beveled grooves. Few would be to identify them as the heaven’s ancient language, derived from the Gate of Order’s sacred words. The only ones who were able

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