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Chapter 176 – Ancestral Citizen

Brendel’s body was remade whole by the Blood of Gods.

Calling him an Acolyte was not exactly wrong, but the Dragon of Darkness’s gift to him was a single drop of blood that completely usurped the energy from the Blood of Gods.

An ancient signal seemed to have awakened something inside the youth’s soul. He felt as though his mental strength and willpower grow stronger a hundredfold, and the ‘weak’ corruption from the Blood of Gods was completely washed away.

It was an evolution of his bloodline.

He now had the ability to regenerate quickly and replenish his lifeforce, which meant that he could recover from injuries ten times faster than before. Even Scarlett’s healing factor was not as good as his, though it was not surprising to the youth since the quality of Andesha’s Blood of Gods was higher.

There was also a new description in his stats window. It was the ‘Darkness’ trait, a rough equivalent of possessing the Darkness Element Power; he had the capability of manipulating the Darkness Element.

This trait was mostly used by Necromancers and Dark Priests’ skillsets. Currently, Brendel was only able to add it into his attacks. Although it might seem like it sounded weak to anyone else, he knew it was actually a great advantage because it was an attribute that bypassed physical defense.

[Even throughout the whole game, the weapons with the Lightning or Darkness elements were sky-high prices. Lightning had the best area damage, while Darkness weakens defense and weakens healing spells.]

Brendel fiddled with his stats windows, discovering that his Darkness EP had become twice as much, but his Light EP had been reduced by a third, making him wonder how he should react to this situation. The Physique and Perception stats were increased as well, but it was his Will that caused him to drop his jaws.

[124 Will? I knew there was a substantial increase, but I didn’t think it was this much…… A hundred Will means that any magic spells below the Twelve Circle would be ineffective on me. I’m pretty much immune to magic under most circumstances. It’s no wonder why Andesha’s magic couldn’t work.]

He then scrolled down to the newly added Talent, the Fool.

– Talent: The Fool (Level 1)

– Abilities: Trance, Ancestral Citizen.

– Trance: All character stats are increased by 100% for half an hour; this ability can be activated twice a day.

– Flavor text: The endless concentration that you have isn’t necessarily a good thing.

– Ancestral Citizen: Ancient Techniques could be learned like any normal skills, ignoring conditions.

Brendel wanted to punch the air in joy when he read the text. Even the talent Genealogy Unification was not as impressive when compared to it.

(TL: Genealogy Unification, modifies profession to possess a new skillset, mentioned in volume 2 chapter 108. To sort of summarize it, since Brendel’s a warrior, it adds the ability Fabled Hero, and increas

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