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Chapter 111 – Planeswalker’s Legacy (1)

“These…… are?” Brendel’s eyes looked a bit vacant.

“They like exactly what they are, my lord,” The Nightsong Tiger’s lips were formed into a straight line to show a sense of mystery and calmness, but his light brown irises were filled excitement: “These are all Cards of Fate!”

He opened the book, flipped the pages and pointed at the cards.

“I know what they are, but why are there so many cards?” Brendel’s eyes were glued to the thick lambskin pages.

There seemed to be six cards in every page and Brendel guessed there were approximately nine thick pages in this book.

“Hmm,” The Nightsong Tiger’s eyebrow strained a little: “I think it’s better to let Ciel answer my lord—“

“Ciel? You know him?” Brendel looked up at him with a questioning look.

“Yes. The cards in your deck are linked together. From a certain point of view, we exist in the same Dimensional Space that my lord created. If we are not summoned, we will stay in the lands that make up the space. The Land Card that you possess pays the Wealth and Element Points required for us. It goes without saying the higher the Card’s rank is, the more wealth you need to pay.” (TL: I understand this as, Land Card is used to pay for summoning a creature, and when a creature goes into the graveyard, it goes back to that specific land.)

“Right.” Brendel took note of the Dimension Space, and checked the remaining resources he had.

– Nature Element: 6 points

– Water Element: 6 points

– Wealth: 67 points

– Reputation: 17 points

His bag also contained Element Crystals; half of them were Fire Crystals.

“You didn’t tell me these thingsbefore.Alsofor some reason, these words doesn’t sound like something you would say.”

The Nightsong Tiger laughed: “Haha. You’re indeed sharp, my lord. These are Ciel’s exact words. I’m simply acting as a messenger.”

“You can converse with him right now?”

The Nightsong Tiger nodded.

“I see,” Brendel said: “If that’s the case, ask him to tell me exactly how the Dark Bishop came to get hold of this collection. I remember that you told me that only Planewalkers, his summons and their permitted followers are able to see them for what they are. Why did this bastard have so many cards? Was he a Planeswalker or something similar, or did you get these cards from something else?”

“No, this is definitely taken from the Dark Bishop, but they are different from the normal cards, this is a Legacy-“

“Wait, what is a Legacy?” Brendel interrupted.

The Nightsong Tiger paused for a while as though he was waiting for an answer, then looked at Brendel and said: “Ciel says that a Planeswalker’s life is finite. When a Planeswalker reaches the end of his life, the cards that he collects will be sealed. Under this condition, the cards will materialize and turn solid. Even a normal person is able to see and touch them in this state. These cards would appear to be no different from

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