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“Scarlett?” Makarov’s eyes bulged slightly, before he glanced at Brendel with a heavy heart, and understood why he had asked these two questions earlier.

However, at this critical juncture, Fleetwood would never allow him to anger the youth in front of him, even if the latter sowed discord in front of him. He tried to suppress his emotions, but the emotional blow to him was so strong that he could only look away, when his adopted daughter looked at him with disbelief and a tinge of sadness in her eyes.

Even if he had a thousand excuses, or at the very least one sentence which Scarlett hoped to even listen to, he could not speak of it.

“She’s a gold rank fighter……” Buga suddenly spoke.

Makarov looked at her again in surprise and realized it was true. He did not know what happened to her in just a few days, and thought it was her potential that came out from the dire situation she was in. They had completely failed to spot her talent, but the value of the Golden Apple in Brendel’s hand surpassed any gold-ranked fighters.

That was a source of the Golden Bloodline.

Once the person ate it, they would become a ‘Chosen’.

“Scarlet, you……” Makarov’s explanations turned into these two words.

But no further words came out from him, and the girl looked sadly to the man whom she looked up to as a father. It was not disappointment she had in her eyes, but a gaze of pleading, even if it was just a white lie, she would believe it.

She waited helplessly for her merciless leader to change his mind, hoping to hear the words “I’m sorry, welcome back…..”

His words felt like he was concerned about her well-being, but his actions were clearly drawing a line that they were nothing more than strangers. The tall figure of Makarov instantly became blurry and far away from Scarlett and she clutched over her heart as tears spilled from her eyes.

“Why…..” She sobbed out a single word before she fainted right onto the ground with a audible sound with her eyes closed.

Even with this scene appearing in front of Makarov, he chose to stay silent.

Brendel’s eyes were cold and furious. He felt a tap on his back, and he nodded. If Rauze did not alert him in advance, he would not have detected Scarlett’s presence. He wanted her to know the truth about Makarov because he could not allow Makarov to keep her like a pawn to be disposed of any time.

“I’m sorry.” Brendel sighed and muttered. It was not his intention to break her heart.

He walked over to her and held her in his arms, and cleaned off the mud from her face. Her tears could still be seen on her face and looked like she was still reliving a nightmare. He then carefully propped her against a tree, before turning back to Makarov and the others with a condescending gaze.

“Mister Brendel?” Fleetwood cut in as he felt Brendel’s fury.

“MAKAROV!” Brendel’s roar was unleashed with a burning fury from his chest, his voice so cold that it was like a blade at their throa

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