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Chapter 39 – Town Schafflund

============ Carglise’s POV ==========

“Prepare to retreat!” Carglise’s voice was raised.

“What?” Lord Macsen could hardly believe what his ears were hearing. The brat actually ordered his men to retreat in front of him: “You damn brat, this old man isn’t dead yet, so don’t think you can order my men!”

Even if his son was cautious, retreating out of the forest was a little too much. Furthermore, how was he going to deal with the loss of his pride?

“My lord, I’m afraid the young master is right.” But one of the knights also chose to speak up with a solemn expression: “It’s best that we retreat, at least a little—”

“What’s happening? What are y—” Lord Macsen’s mind was going blank. His subordinates would not joke with him, and this time he was starting to panic a little.

Before he could finish his words, there was a visible signal made from a magic spell that rose up to the sky, followed by frightening bestial screams!

Carglise’s eyes widened in shock as he saw countless enemies swarming towards them.

[T-this rebellion can’t possibly consist of just disgruntled civilians and mercenaries!]

================ Brendel’s POV ================

Brendel and his men passed through the dark green peaks and ridges of Mountain Graham and stood at the highest point to observe the extending scenery. A scenic view of red and green spread across the coiling valleys. They had reached close to their destination before it was afternoon.

He took in the beautiful season for several minutes with astonishment.

“That place is Town Schafflund,” Jana said, referring to the houses with bright red roofs sitting near the forest, with the highest population density in its center.

A town that slumbered deeply within the mountains.

Ciel had given Brendel an entirely new line of thinking after he discussed the potential revenue that could be gained from the trading hub, Ampere Seale. The painting from Fortress Riedon was just a part of what could be obtained. Brendel also had Tamar, a future grandmaster alchemist, and combined with Brendel’s knowledge of the future, it was not difficult for him to profit from Ampere Seale.

However, Schafflund was also something that could significantly benefit him in the long run, so he decided not to change his plans.

“It’s beautiful,” Scarlett said to herself when she looked at the scenery.

The shrubs behind her rustled as the other mercenaries walked out. There were twenty-seven of them, each with steady hands and long endurance, and their eyes surveyed their surroundings with vigilance. These elite mercenaries were picked from Jana’s mercenaries and the smaller groups of sellswords, and even the weakest amongst them was a peak Iron-ranked fighter.

Brendel was initially quite surprised to see such a group. If they were trained a little more, they could become skilled warriors no weaker than Aouine’s knights.

But all the mercenaries knew

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