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Chapter 47 – Silver mines (8)

============= Cohen’s POV =================

“Just who is that fellow?” Maher said.

The youths began discussing amongst themselves after Brendel left. Maher had been against that dubious person since yesterday, but the latter found a Cold Iron vein and used a large sum of money to make a trade between them. He had to admit there were good points by dealing with him.

However, Jocah was a little worried. 25,000 Tor coins was not a small sum of money, and he felt the entire situation was a little off. They had gotten money too easily. He could not help but look at Cohen. The sickly youth was the most knowledgeable person amongst them, and he even knew magic.

Whenever they got injured in the mines or fought with someone, Cohen would treat them with a magic spell. Even though it was not like the magic spells in bard tales where injuries could be healed in the blink of an eye, it was more effective than using herbs.

Eventually, Cohen was quietly recognized as their leader, although Maher did not fully admit that fact. It was mostly because the latter’s pride was a little beaten when he was taken off the leader’s seat.

“It’s none of our concern,” Cohen shook his head, “continue mining. The things that happened here do not concern us.”

Suddenly, one of the youths who was still working yelled out, and everyone’s heart skipped a beat and looked over to his direction. There were many strange tales in the dark mining pits. Even though they had not heard of any workers speaking out on odd things recently, they were afraid to encounter something that might hurt them.

The youth who yelled earlier ran towards them anxiously.

“Come over and take a look!” He shouted.

“What’s wrong?” Cohen asked.

“I-I have no idea, come over, and you will know what I mean—”

The youths exchanged glances puzzledly. When they crowded around the young man’s area where he was working earlier, they were shocked to see a silver blade sticking out from the rocks.

“Take a look at this,” that youth who alerted them brought up his mining pick only to discover that a section of the edges had been sliced off smoothly like a polished mirror.

“It was caused by that?” Cohen frowned, not recognizing that the thing in the walls was a weapon.

That youth nodded.

“That’s a sword!” Maher was the first to identify it, “I’ve heard that other races are living underground, and this must be one of the weapons they are using. Just how sharp is this blade!”

“No, wait, why would the weapons be stuck in the walls?”

“It must have been left behind by them. The creatures that came out from the pits proved they were able to come up.”

“You idiot, that’s because the workers opened a tunnel to the caverns below! There wasn’t any tunnel before we made one, and lastly, this sword is buried in the rocks!”

“Then maybe it happened a really long time ago, and a cave-in had buried the sword!”

Cohen stopped th

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