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Chapter 55 – King of the underground (6)

The worker saw things differently. He tried to resist Scarlett’s pull and started shrieking: “Let me go…… And both of you should run too! These things are incredibly tough, and blades can’t cut through them!”

He saw his partners smash their mining picks repeatedly on the creatures, but even when they used their full strength, they left only slight impressions on their bodies.

And when these creatures attacked, their claws easily smashed a person’s body to a pulp. It was a nightmarish scene that he could still recall viscera splattering onto the walls and ground.

But his words quickly died in his throat.

Brendel swung his sword seemingly in a light, elegant stroke through thin air, yet the panther that was still a distance away from him was sliced into two. That was still not the end, as its split body smashed against the wall, and shattered into pieces.

The worker was completely flabbergasted.

“You…… You……” He pointed at Brendel, glancing back and forth at Scarlett and the youth, and continued to stutter without managing to say a full sentence.

“Stop making noise!” Scarlett’s slapped his hand down. But when she looked back at Brendel she was shocked to find out that his swordsmanship seemed to have become even sharper than before.

Brendel realized the same thing too. His ability to utilize the sword had become even easier. He quickly brought out the Stats Window and discovered there was a +2 next to his Military Swordsmanship stat. (TL: When he fought his grandfather back then, he gained +1.)

He was certain that he had gained the additional rank after fighting Kodan, and probably missed the system alert after he lost consciousness because of the falling rocks.

This gain surprised and delighted him at the same time. Even though there were cases where fighting high-level NPC swordsmen increased the level of swordsmanship, they were incredibly rare. The increment of a swordsmanship gain was usually because of the accomplishment of a mission, and there had to be strict conditions before one gained it.

[I thought the reason why I managed to gain +1 back then was that a story-like quest progression between the old Brendel and his grandfather happened. I have never gotten an increment like this in the game from fighting NPCs, and that’s over a hundred years worth of in-game time. But now I feel it’s because the system recognizes the fact that I’m able to understand the grandmasters’ skill in MIlitary Swordsmanship—]

Another rock panther leaped towards him, interrupting his thought. He got irritated with the annoying gnats bothering him, so he charged into their midst and began cutting them apart. Each time he swung his sword, multiple pieces of rocks were sent flying away.

============ Romaine’s POV ==============

The town had felt the impact when the earthquake happened in Schafflund’s mines. The people on the streets felt the ground quiver, and shop

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