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Chapter 150 – Breaking Dawn (3)

The trampling sounds of horses’ hooves shook the cold air in the night.

The loud robes of the nobles’ cavalry fluttered about as they charged out from the corner of an alley. Their lances were lowered at the same time and pointed towards Brendel.

The earth trembled.

Brendel glared at them coldly, raised the silver card to the air before throwing it out in front of him.

[Unicorn Knight, Enter the Battlefield—]

The card flew down in an elegant arc and landed onto the ground.

White light poured forth as magic circles were drawn from the ground. Everyone saw an ethereal gate forming in the air before their very eyes. A female knight wielding a lance on top of a proud unicorn slowly cantered out from the gate and stood in the middle of the street.


The enemy’s cavalry slowed down in astonishment, while the voices mercenaries behind Brendel rose to a clamor.

“My lord,” The Elven princess’s voice was almost a whisper: “Thank you.”

Brendel knew she was talking about the pendant. He shook his head: “I have already told you that you should thank your own Elven race.”

“The process isn’t quite as important, my lord. You were the reason why they acted on this. What are your orders for me this time?”

“Advance forward and attack.”

Alistair was confused. The spell that Brendel appeared to cast appeared to be similar to ‘Silver Knight’. It was certainly a higher level summon, but the ‘Silver Knight’ was better used as a defensive role instead of attacking.

The nobles’ cavalry had once again sped up and was merely a few feet away.

Alistair hurriedly started to prepare a defensive spell, but when his hands were up, he froze completely with his mouth wide open.

The female knight who was clad in silver had raised her lance to the sky. When she swung it, the distance between the approaching cavalry seemed to stretch further and further away.

Time and space were distorted. Soul Energy materialized in thin air, and it was clear it was a form of Element power.



Her voice echoed in her helmet as she pierced through the cavalry’s formation in a flash of silver light. Her charge completely broke through the ranks and files, sweeping them up into the air.

Neither men nor beasts were spared.

[[[Gold-Ranked— There’s another one!]]]

The three commanders of the mercenaries and their men felt their breaths expelled out of their lungs. It was rare for them to see even one Gold-ranked fighter in this remote land, but they saw two today.

However, the greatest shock still came from the fact the youth himself was a Gold-ranked swordsman and summoned a Gold-ranked knight. Would that not mean he had two Gold-ranked classes?

The three commanders felt a chill on their back as they wondered who exactly the youth was. They were secretly glad to choose Brendel’s side. Graudin might have the power to put up wanted papers f

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