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Chapter 166 – Gambler’s Roulette (3)

“I’m not seeing any enemies.”

“The left street has no enemies too.”

“This alley has none of the damned skeletons either!” The yell echoed in the empty street.

Jana’s anxious eyes glinted under the dim light. Her fingers were on her rapier; her doubts in her heart were growing so deeply that she felt she was drowning. Everyone was under the same state as they searched around the streets for the undead.

When the mercenaries did not discover their presence, they regrouped and advanced in the darkness. Their hurried footsteps were not curtailed and shuffled against the soil loudly. Under the unknown presence that threatened to lurk at every corner, they felt a chill entering their soul. Fear gripped their throats as every shadow in the vicinity seemed to move.

They strained their ears to listen for the faintest hint of noise, afraid that the undead would suddenly gush out from a random alley and surround them completely.

They crossed than half of the distance required to go to the west gate and found nothing. The undead supposedly overwhelming the city was not there.

[Did that young noble judge wrongly?]

The scrawny boy was recently recruited by Jana, and he still had signs of malnourished because of his previous impoverished life. His face held a terrible pallor, mostly because of the terrible atmosphere around him.

“Commander?” The boy said.

“What is it?”

“Has that noble judged wrongly? Is the undead moving towards the north instead?”

“Impossible,” Jana immediately rejected this suggestion: “Timing is everything in a war, and undead commanders are not fools.”

“But……” The boy wanted to say more, but he was interrupted a shout.

“Commander, we found something.” One of the mercenaries ahead of them shouted: “Come over and take a look!”

Jana exchanged glances with the boy before she nodded and ran over. When she got onto the crossroads, she was stunned—

The entire road had turned into something unrecognizable, and skeletons and human bodies were found everywhere.

It was as if a terrible battle had happened there. When she looked into the distance, there were almost no stone tiles that were intact. The pavements were filled with large holes as though they had been dug out. Boulders were strewn all over the ground, and the nearby buildings were smashed full of holes as though something huge had gone through it.

Some of them looked lopsided as though the ground had sunk; when she looked closer, she discovered wooden splinters leading to smashed wooden supports destroyed with a single punch each. The damage appeared to have been caused by a Silver-ranked fighter.

If it was not for the fact that they were unable to find even a trace of the Element powers disrupting the mana in the vicinity, they would have thought it was a situation where two Golden-ranked fighters fought each other.

“Who are these people?”

When she looked at them, s

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