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Chapter 110 – Accidental bounty

Romaine was in a rare state where she was quiet and still, sitting obediently in front of Brendel with a lowered head. If she did not peek from the corners of her eyes at Brendel, she actually appeared to be quite like a noble’s daughter.

Of course that would only be true, if one was to discount her shabby appearance, with her face covered with soot and her tattered clothes.

The real noble’s daughter who sat beside Romaine was roughly in the same state. She clutched her cloak that was full of holes from the explosion with a lowered head that was covered with full of ashes, and appeared anxious.

“Brendel, I……” Romaine saw Brendel’s furious face relaxed a little and rushed to explain herself, but before she was able to finish her sentence, the latter’s glare sent her words back down her throat.

She had no choice but to lower her head gloomily.

She was sure that her plan was perfect, and if it was not for the small mistake at the end , she would have helped him a lot. Even if there was just a tiny problem at the end, it flattened a few Lizardmen right? It even sealed off their escape route too.

She told herself that she needed to put less Exploding Crystals the next time she did it.

If Brendel knew what she was thinking, he would probably spank her immediately. He and Nalaethar went to inspect the area after the explosions. Based on Amandina’s calculation, the plan was indeed able to kill the majority of the Lizardmen that escaped towards the hills. Unfortunately it was clear that she worked with the wrong person, or to be precise, that plan would never have materialized. If the troublemaker Romaine did not see that plan, then the plan would simply remain on paper.

Unfortunately, history did not have the word ‘if’ in it. Just like how Romaine did not have the word ‘caution’ in her dictionary, her plans were constructed in reality.

Brendel cast his gaze back on Amandina. She seemed to feel his eyes looking at her, and she shrank a little and said in a small voice: “I’m sorry my lord, this is my fault…..”

“No, this has nothing to do with you.” Brendel shook his head.

Amandina’s mind was blank for a moment. She thought he would ask her to take responsibility for this matter. It was clear to everyone how much he spoiled Romaine, and if something was to happen to her, she did not know how Brendel would react. She had gotten used to being Brendel’s aide and his finances, and she felt that she would not be able to go back to her old life if he did not want to use her any longer.

[If Romaine did not change Amandina’s dosage on her own she would not caused the explosion to go wrong. In the end, only a few Lizardmen died and nearly caused the two of them to get buried because of the improper explosion. If Amandina did not realize something was wrong, the results would have been disastrous.]

Brendel could not help but glare at Romaine when he thought about this point. This

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