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Chapter 118 – The final battle

When Brendel and Scarlett rushed over to Medissa’s direction, they saw she was pressing down on her left shoulder with her right hand. Blood drenched her white inner robes and leaked onto the silver armor. Her brows were bunched up together as she faced the monster in front of her.

Conrad was nowhere to be seen.

The Acolyte of Earth looked different from a while ago. The dull yellow colored carapace were cracked open, revealing a dark red light that pulsed slowly from the crevices, like magma flowing across the ground. The monster that had appeared like it was a carved statue was somehow turned into a molten boulder-like creature.

Brendel was shocked when he saw Ekman in that appearance. It was clearly in a Berserk mode, and going into such a state was usually a final desperate attempt. The aftermath of the Berserk mode was devolving back into an even weaker state than its already incomplete self, if it survived.

[What’s going on? It’s not like there’s any threat to its life. The Acolytes will never willingly activate this mode to go on a rampage. Similar bosses would only go in a Berserk mode when they have 30% hp or less…… It’s not moving?]

Brendel’s eyes went over the monster’s state and realized there was an injury on Ekman’s ribcage; the gash was deep enough for him to see the bones. He immediately understood it was from Medissa’s Seismic Blast, but that was not the right explanation. Given how high Ekman’s defense was, even if her attack was directly on its face, it would deal no more than 1/10 of its life. But the strangest thing was why it did not move at all.

[The last possibility is a command to make him go into a rampaging mode…..]

Medissa saw Brendel from the corner of her eyes, and spoke through clenched teeth: “I apologize, my lord. I allowed Conrad to escape.”

Brendel secretly felt ashamed as it was his mistake and did not expect Ekman’s attack to be a diversion to get to Medissa. He had completely underestimated his opponent because he thought it was some sort of Wurm creature that got corrupted by the Blood of Gods, and did not possess that intelligence to outwit him. He failed to consider the fact that Conrad was holding on to the Control Orb to control the monster.

“This isn’t your fault.” Brendel and Scarlett regrouped with Medissa and form a line to face the rampaging monster. “What exactly happened?”

“That man tried to lure me into a trap but I managed to see through it. He then managed to summon this monster somehow and tried to escape by using it as cover……” Medissa covered her mouth as she coughed, and blood leaked through her fingers: “…… I tried to use Seismic Blast to stop them, but the monster suddenly turned stronger and shrugged off the gravity binding from the Seismic Blast…..”

“Your injury was caused by the monster?”

She nodded.

“Are you alright?” Brendel frowned. Ekman’s strength was increased by 20% when it was in a berserk

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