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Chapter 54 – King of the underground (5)

“What is it, my lord?” Scarlett asked from behind.

“There’s something in front of us,” Brendel’s voice was reduced to a whisper.

Scarlett’s eyesight was currently no different from an ordinary person, and it was difficult for her to see far ahead with the weak light provided by the crystal.

Brendel pulled out his sword and led the girl slowly ahead and realized that it was a person, seemingly a worker in this mine. He carefully studied him, but there was no visible injury.

“He’s still alive,” Scarlett took a glance and immediately judged so.

Brendel agreed. He had also seen the shallow rise and fall of the worker’s chest. The latter seemed to be merely unconscious. He tried shouting at him, but the middle-aged man did not wake up, so he took his waterskin bag and poured a little on his face.

Considering that they might be stuck in the underground and the water they had on them was limited, he refrained from pouring too much of it. He was about to slap the worker’s face, but it seemed like the worker’s eyelids twitched and opened soon enough.

His rousing was not pleasant, and the moment he saw the two people in front of him, he retreated to the walls and knocked himself against the them.

Brendel hurriedly said after seeing his panicked reactions: “We work here as well, there’s no need to be frightened.”

The worker stared at them for a while before he calmed down. He studied them carefully and asked: “You’re from the administration? Foremen? Or the guards?”

Scarlett’s disguise as a man held because of the darkness, but he could see the outline of their weapons. Only the three groups would be allowed to have weapons, but it was more likely that they were guards.

“We’re from the guards,” Brendel nodded and answered, knowing that the workers knew almost every foreman.

That man seemed relieved to find that there was help, but he quickly tensed up.

“Did you encounter monsters too?” His gaze went to their injuries.

Brendel exchanged glances with Scarlett.

[Monsters? The only monsters are my summoned spiders……]

But he thought that the situation was not so simple.

“What type of monsters did you encounter?” He frowned and asked.

“Statues, monstrous creatures in the form of statues, Marsha above!”

“Creatures in the form of statues?” Scarlett repeated his words curiously.

“There’s no need to worry. We’re here to help you. Take your time and think back to the time when you encountered the creatures. Is it a humanoid or beast-like creature?” Brendel asked.

[There are many types of creatures made of stone. The Wizard Craftsmen from Galbu, Gargoyle Sentinels, and War Puppets, but considering the environment here, Earth Elementals are also a possibility.]

“They are like beasts, but made out of rocks! Please believe me! I swear I didn’t mistake them for something else!”

“A beast form? Are there wings?”

“No!” His reply was fi

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