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Chapter 62 – King of the underground (13)

Brendel momentarily lost himself in panic, before he realized that Kodan was also a veteran soldier who experienced the November War. It would not be strange that the latter knew his grandfather.

However, Kodan was from a family of knights, and his grandfather was a commoner, so how did he know about his grandfather?

(TL: Brendel’s grandfather is most likely someone of importance. Unreliable narrator Brendel, in case anyone is wondering.)

But he temporarily suppressed his suspicion as the battle in the stage had begun. The Cerberus seemed to be highly dissatisfied with the loss of its prey. It howled angrily and struggled against its chains when Kodan stepped onto the stage.

When the chains the size of an arm broke apart, loud snapping sounds echoed throughout the place. The Cerberus excitedly rushed toward Kodan.

[This damned dog!]

He immediately drew out his sword and hurled his sheath at the gigantic beast. One of its head snapped at the projectile and tossed it away, while its body dragged the broken chains across the ground with grating noises.

The old man’s eyelids flickered slightly, and his eyes reflected the figure of the three-headed demon dog as it pounced towards him from the air. He took a single step back and went into a stance, holding his sword’s hilt with both hands.

“Scram!” He roared angrily.

A visible shockwave suddenly exploded into all directions from his figure, and the hound from hell was suddenly flung away from the tempest unleashed by the old man.

The creature that was hurled back could be compared to the Wind Bullet’s speed. Its body sailed through the air a hundred meters away.

An immense impact could be felt and heard as the Cerberus collided against the wall. Countless bricks fell onto the ground and a dust cloud formed.

[What the hell! How the bloody hell did the Sword Eruption technique get boosted so much by his core Swordsmanship skill?]

Brendel could not help but scream in his head. It was a common technique where a user in the sword could attain, but he was utterly shocked to see Kodan managing to send the creature back a hundred meters.

In the game, every technique was boosted by different qualities. The White Raven Sword Arte and Frontal Assault that Brendel possessed were enhanced by his core Military swordsmanship, while his Power Break and Charge technique were magnified by his stats, namely Power, Physique, and Agility.

The higher one’s swordsmanship’s rank was and the stronger one’s stats were, the more powerful their skills became. But Brendel had never seen or heard of the Sword Eruption skill sending a large enemy like the Cerberus hundreds of meters away at a Gold-ranked level.

It was not as if he could not do it, but he was at nearly at a level close to ninety when he did so.

But the Cerberus proved to be resilient and was not injured badly. It stood up and the three large heads shook

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