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Chapter 6 – Letter (6)

“But the Wilderness isn’t something easily conquered. No one will acknowledge sending out their men into the unknown, when there are hardly any resources and filled with monstrous beasts and demi-races because of the Mana Corruption.” Andellu said impatiently before he tried again in another approach: “Also, Ser Brendel, do you not have your troubles from the people out for revenge because of the former Lord’s murder? Would you risk all your men to do this?”

“Conquering the Wilderness not as hard as you believe, and profits will always spur people into action,” Brendel said after reflecting for a moment.

[This is the same reason as to why Portugal and Spain ventured out to the sea: For gold and silver. I’m just following what Prince Henry did. The only comparable organization who knows what kind of probable valuables are in the Wilderness, is the Church, and they are unlikely to match what I know.]

“There are examples of great valuables found in the Wilderness, besides the usual gold and silver. These are easy reasons for the citizens of the kingdom to act if someone succeeds in bringing them back. Mortals easily forget themselves when they see a profit, and only a few can see the risk in them. This is especially so when they find their lives improving from the riches, and will never want to go back to the past. You have seen the poverty in this town, haven’t you? You will gain the men you need to quell the monsters, and I get the resources I want.”

“How can you be sure of the profits when these events of getting valuables are clearly rare? Once you failed, the shock from your assumptions would be devastating.”

Brendel was giggling to himself. If Andellu was standing in his shoes to think for him, it would mean that he’s already persuaded.

“Which is why I need you,” Brendel said with a beaming smile: “with your knowledge of the land and my expertise, a thorough plan with a little luck, the chances would be far better. Do you know why the Pioneer Knights in the past failed in getting anything done? That’s because they lack the natives’ and the Lords’ support. Even the entire kingdom did not spare anything for them.”

[There are cases where powerful Lords tried expanding out to the Wilderness, but given the number of political enemies, nobody wants to invest too much into the unknown. Such gambles are usually a single time and never repeated. Since the majority failed in Aouine’s history, people are hardly interested in expanding anymore, other than crazy gamblers.]

Brendel had a far better understanding of the Wilderness, and was confident that his investments would always end up in profit.

Andellu folded his arms and thought for a long time about the events leading up to Graudin’s removal, and he finally nodded: “Very well, Lord Brendel, you have convinced me. If you’re capable of expanding into the Wilderness, what do you want us to do after that?”

“I don’t need you to do anythi

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