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Chapter 14 – The battle for the sawmills (1)

The man before Brendel had ragged clothes that were repeatedly repaired with different scraps of cloth. He was found amongst the shacks at the southern Firburh and had previously worked in the sawmills.

The battles within the city had frightened many citizens, and he was uneasy about working for the unfamiliar lord. But the lure of money and his woman’s persuasion finally made him agree to join as a guide.

The young lord had promised to give him an entire gold coin. Even if he worked hard for a year, he might not even be able to earn this much money. With this reward, he would be able to send his child to the inner city and allow him to study as an apprentice in one of the workshops, and might even change his family’s fate for the better.

“The woods in the south of Firburh is called the Direbear Forest,” He said carefully, as Brendel’s eyes twitched a little when he thought of the level 65 monsters in the game. “and the name comes about because there are a lot of wild bears in the forest. The four sawmills sit within the forest; three are in the deeper parts and are currently occupied by the creatures, while the fourth was destroyed and abandoned by the workers. Lord Graudin had sent his private armies to try and gain them back, but after two humiliating defeats, the baron never mentioned this matter again.”

Brendel nodded. Things were just as he expected.

They had left Firburh for about an hour.

The wilderness gradually showed more trees the further they walked into the south. The expansive forest seemed to veer off to the east like a giant shadow. The guide was at the forefront riding with another mercenary on horseback, continuing to fill Brendel with the history of Graudin’s past. Very soon, they entered the forest filled with black and red pine trees, disappearing into the shadows of the forest.

“Hey,” a girl’s voice suddenly interrupted the guide’s explanation: “are the creatures that strong?”

Brendel’s eyebrows raised upwards uncontrollably, while the corners of his lips twitched once. He did not know when Romaine appeared. After they had set off for the city for some time, she was suddenly frolicking about in front of his eyes.

[This girl is supposed to be checking the previous accounting books from the past lords and counting the resources. Who’s the idiot who told her that I’m fighting against the Subterrane Dwellers?]

“Of course, my lady,” the guide quickly answered in a loud voice: “I heard the city guards speaking about them. They described them as incredibly ugly and monstrous. Though they don’t have eyes, they can smell and sense sounds to differentiate their direction. They are swift and powerful, and average humans have no chance against them. Even the former baron’s soldiers have to form groups of three to fight a single creature.”

Romaine prodded her chin with a white finger, imagining the image of

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