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Chapter 22 – Expansion (3)

The sky’s cotton-like clouds seemed like they were set aflame by the setting sun’s penetrating rays. The near crimson sky extended to a great distance before it gradually turned to colors of violet and dark blue, with patches of unlit clouds at the end.

The clouds were considerably free of any indication that they were going to rain and instead hinted of good weather for the days ahead. While the trills and warbles of the birds could still be heard, they were diminishing and became quieter than it was a few minutes ago.

Scarlett’s eyes were slightly tinted by the sunset as she stood at Brendel’s side. She looked over to Mountain Graham’s northern direction; it extended towards Karanjar’s mountainous regions which wrapped around Firburh and continued eastward to the Dark Forest.

It was rumored that the mountains were the source of the land’s wealth with countless treasures buried beneath the ground. The silver mine in Trentheim was rumored to be just a small portion of what the mountains held, and even that alone was enough to supply Graudin with money to spend.

While the natives treated the tallest peak of the mountains as something holy and regal, it appeared like an enormous predator in her eyes. The jagged rocks that jutted out at the top caught the sun’s rays and glinted brightly, but the dense foliage from the trees that grew out at sharp angles seemed to prevent light from entering, and appeared like there were something mysterious lurking behind the shade.

The lumber mills in the forest were visible spots that stood out, and it seemed like there were few Subterrane Dwellers in them. But the truth could not be further away. These creatures dug the ground beneath it and created tunnels leading to exits all over the mountains. The small gaps in between boulders might lead into a network of tunnels.

It was impossible for an army to reach the mountain valleys without being detected by the Subterrane Dwellers’ strict guard.

She glanced back at Brendel. They had traveled a few hundred meters along the mountain after he told her about the plan, but once they reached near the enemies’ outpost, he stopped her from advancing. She initially thought that he was going to observe the situation, but he closed his eyes, sat down on the ground and started munching on some dry rations.

She waited till he finished eating before she hurriedly urged her young lord to move off, but he scratched his head unwillingly and told her to wait with a small smile. When she asked for the reason, he mumbled about some unclear excuses that she did not understand.

[This damned noble.]

The girl did not make any visible reactions, but the root of a nearby tree near her was cracked open as she stood on top of it.

[If you already decided on your plan to capture the ringleader or assassinate it, why aren’t you acting on it……]

She hated the feeling of wasting time and frowned deeply because of that. A

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