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Chapter 30 – Expansion.

The morning’s daylight broke through the clouds, but there were still remnants of the cold air from yesterday’s night, and white mist could be seen from the men and horses’ mouths. Winter was coming to Trentheim.

A group consisting of humans and horses passed through the mountain valley. Their surroundings were filled with greenery, but the scenery from afar was almost ink-black, almost as if it was painted with dark palettes. Somewhere past the fog were mountains filled with verdant green foliage, creating a strong contrast between the mountain peaks and valleys.

There were a total of thirty-odd men, each fully covered with armor and weapons. However, they were not from Aouine’s formal armies but mercenaries.

In Trentheim, the only places where Aouine’s formal armies were at: The Palas Region, or Graham’s northern mountains where Graudin’s most elite knights were stationed.

After the men passed through the valley, they entered a small clearing within the forest. Another group of men was guarding a bunch of crestfallen youths. When the latter noticed the incoming group, they raised their heads and saw the group’s leader, a middle-aged noble.

All but one looked at him restlessly; the youth who was the exception amongst the group looked slightly frustrated.

The middle-aged noble, Lord Macsen, was riding on his favorite horse. It was a stout black horse with a smooth mane and a purebred from the north and had accompanied him through thick and thin. Even though it was already aged and no longer as quick as before, he was still affectionate to it.

(TL: I just want to point out one thing, Lord Macsen’s real name is Samuel, but since he’s in charge of the Macsen region, he’s called Lord Macsen.)

He bade his horse up to move up to the youths and glared at them without speaking.

A few days ago, he received the report of a rebellion in Firburh. This cautious noble did not march straight to his lord as it was forbidden for retainers to bring their private soldiers without orders. Only when he was certain that the news was accurate that he ordered his knights to march.

The Macsen region was close to Firburh, and an army could reach there by nightfall if they started in the day. He gathered his army overnight and left the next morning, and entered Port Gris. The scouts who went ahead had reported that it was not occupied, and the towns nearby had not heard any news from Firburh. Even after traveling for another ten miles, there were still no signs of any rebellion.

Lord Macsen was not surprised. The news he received stated that there were only a few groups of mercenaries that participated in the uprising in Firburh. He believed these mercenaries to be no different from lawless bandits who did whatever they wanted and probably left the city after looting it.

He even thought that he was too paranoid for checking the port. Only people who wanted to occupy the city would control the por

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