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Chapter 38 – The Cripple

Brendel knew that Tamar had reached Rank 6 in alchemy, so he left the creation of a Cursed Crossbow to him. He collected the poisoned daggers and the Dwarven Longsword, and called out to Batum to prepare to go to the Black Pepper Street to meet up with that particular cripple.

He had wanted to meet with the cripple called ‘Roen’ for quite some time already, especially when he wanted to know if there was an extra mission regarding about the Ring of The Wind Empress. Besides that mission, he had also heard that the cripple had contacts with the black market and the likes, so it was something that he wanted to the cripple to introduce him a place where he could auction his goods.

[I’m not seeing Romaine… Looks like she’s off to do some ‘adventuring’ in some unknown places again.]

Both of them left the house with long robes. Brendel adjusted his hood in order to hide his face better, but Batum suddenly spoke behind him.

“My lord, I have thought about this for quite some time, but I think your plans are not good enough.”

“Why?” Brendel adjusted the Elven sword under the long robe before turning back to ask.

“The refugees that saw us were plenty, and even though you requested them to keep the secrets to themselves, you cannot guarantee that they are going to follow your words.” Batum carefully tuck his beard inside the hood and watched the streets, whispering.

“This was never a secret to the ones who wanted to get to the bottom of the truth, but the nobles desire a result that doesn’t harm their status. If I don’t stand out, they are even more delighted to accept this version,” Brendel thought for a while and answered. “And I need to stay unnoticed for a certain period of time, Batum.”

“But I still feel that we should have kept the refugees who saw you.”

Brendel finally understood Batum’s true motive and he laughed. He shook his head.

“We would stand out too much if we recruit these refugees in the open. Furthermore, these people might not be willing to follow us. Know this Batum, humans would seek to grasp at the wheat offered to them during desperate times, but they would not hold on to them every single moment.”

Batum nodded, but his mind disagreed. He had observed Brendel for quite some time from the sides, and knew that his ambition was big, so he wanted to aid him by going for moves that aided in growing his power.

But Brendel’s current concern was not about power, it was about the Unifying Guild. He was certain there was no one who could point to him for the murder of the fake earl, but gaining exemplary results here might invite suspicion to himself.

[Well the only ones who have an idea about what I did are Freya and Romaine… The greatest cover is my own level as an Iron-rank. Once I grow strong enough, the Unifying Guild is still people who lurk in the shadows and not an army.]

The Black Pepper street is one of the largest street in the impoverished areas wit

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