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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter48


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Chapter 48 – Chaos

The entire place was dark. Some of the female nobles’ shrieks could be heard all over the place. Brendel and Roen were the first to pull out their swords from their robes, while Ciel and Batum’s reactions were slower to pull their weapons out. Batum removed the strap that was holding the two-handed sword sword, while directing the girls to move in between him and Ciel.

He then held Roen’s shoulder with one hand, afraid that he was going to try and do something funny. The cripple snorted lightly, but his expression did not seem to mind it.

After the panicked screams, the men angry yells and questioning voices could be heard from all directions, even from the Boxes.

It was the hall on the first floor that appeared to be more calm. These were seasoned adventurers and mercenaries, and they had enough experience in battles to remain composed, preventing the chaos from becoming bigger.

“Brendel, what’s happening?” Romaine’s voice was one of curiosity and not fear.

Amandina who was behind Romaine, grabbed the hems of her dress anxiously till the point where her fingers were white. But she narrowed her bright eyes and tried not to show her fear.

“Quiet—” Brendel said. He saw that there were some nobles and impatient youths who lit the area up with torches or gems from their scepters.

But the light were quickly extinguished again.

It was not uncommon to see people in Vaunte using Elementary Light magic, and some of the bigger cities had Light crystals installed into the street lamps. Even Roen had a ring like that, but he did not rush to bring it up. Anyone who raised up a light source in this darkness would only become a target.

But sometimes reality went against wishes.

Right when Brendel thought there was no immediate danger, the Thorn of Light glimmered once. He paused slightly and looked at it, and realized the sword was glowing brighter with every second. The next moment, a dazzling flash from the sword lit up the entire area clearly.

Before he had the chance to be surprised at the scene, four robed figures were rushing swiftly through the narrow corridors and passages, rushing straight at their direction.

Their hands were within their robes, indicating that there were weapons hidden there.

[Enemies and not allies.]

Brendel did not say anything but held up his left hand decisively and aimed below him. A series of bolts flew from the hidden crossbow from his sleeve, and they struck on the nearest robed figure.

The steel bolts had a powerful impact since th

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