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Chapter 85 – The story of fishes swimming in Chaos (7)

Brendel had been thinking of ways to break through the Tree Shepherds’ plans from the start. Makarov brought them along with the intention to attract the enemies to them, and also the very same plan that doomed the gamers in Brendel’s memory to be utterly wiped out.

[Even though the plan to escape was delayed by the arrival of those two, we managed to escape the ambush. While that cunning fox used this plan to trick the enemies into thinking Eke is amongst us, I’m sure he doesn’t know there’s an Altar here.]

Brendel believed that his own plans were superior to Makarov’s plans, as he was confident in his own experiences that were forged along with other gamers who had spent a lifetime in the game.

The currents of the water had changed, but the fishes swimming in it might not follow the currents.

The gamers who later explored the land found out bits of historical content from the Altar. The monks from the Holy Cathedral of Flames were the first to discover the temple approximately one hundred years ago from the first era of the game, but the records were mysteriously erased as if they never existed.

Amandina glanced at Brendel’s unfocused gaze into the valley, and looked at the direction at where he was looking at. She saw dense tree crowns but was unable to discover anything. She checked his expressions again, only to discover his solemn looks, and forced back her questions into her throat.

She had guessed for herself that Makarov had planned to use them as baits from the very beginning, and was quite furious over his actions. She subconsciously placed Duke Rhun’s and the people associated with him into a list where they were not welcomed.

Brendel continued to lead them down into the valley.

There were two mercenaries who were ahead of Brendel to clear a path for them. Brances and vines were constantly hacked away with their swords, and periodically cast dim light reflected from the stars into the group’s eyes.

Brendel checked the Stats Window and paid 2 Wealth to keep the Card, ‘Mercenaries of Lopes’ to keep them in the field. He currently had 10 Water EP and 150 Wealth.

He suddenly canceled the Stats Window and narrowed his eyes as he discovered the two scouts ahead of him had stopped. They looked at each other as they had discovered something in front of them, then turned their heads to Brendel.

“My lord, there’s something in front…..”

“What is it?” The Nightsong Tiger was the one who responded with a strict voice.

The two scouts were the youngest within the group and had the least experience. He had the intention to train them, but did not expect their inexperience to embarrass him. He moved towards them with large strides as he spoke, almost like he had wanted to cover up the mistakes that his subordinates made.

But he was also stunned when he pushed the shrubberies away to get a better look.

It was an large open clearing t

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