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Chapter 93 – The Eversong Elves

The winds died down and the forest sank back into silence.

Brendel deliberated for a moment before he looked back at the girls. They were looking at the Elven girls with teary eyes. Even though they were enemies a moment ago, they quickly realized that it was not Medissa’s fault for attacking them.

“Do you wish to save her?” Brendel suddenly asked.

Romaine snapped her head to look at Brendel and furiously nodded. Amandina hesitated and bit her lips, but every time she wanted to say something her words did not come out.

(Nightsong Tiger.) Brendel communicated to his summon in his mind.

(My lord?) The Nightsong Tiger faced him.

(I have been wondering about the abilities for quite some time, but is it possible for me to turn the Elven girl into a card?)

Brendel had wondered from time to time as to how Ciel and the Mercenaries of Lopes came about. The only answer he had was that a Planeswalker was somehow able to seal them into cards.

(Yes, you can do so, my lord. This Elven girl’s abilities are incredibly powerful, and if you try to seal her, she might turn out to be a high quality summon card. At your current abilities, you can only spend up to a maximum of 100 Wealth and a little mana to seal something into a card. With this amount of resources spent of sealing, you can only seal someone who’s extremely weak and willing to be sealed.) The Nightsong Tiger explained quickly.

(That’s fine—)

(But my lord, you do not know whether she would agree to be sealed. 100 Wealth is approximately a month’s worth of your savings.)

Brendel shook his head. Even though a loss of 100 Wealth was painful if she rejected it, he needed to do this.

(If I don’t do this, I feel that I would carry this regret in my life.) Brendel gave an embarrassed smile. His past regrets in not saving the NPCs from the slave merchants, his guilt in fleeing Aouine after Freya died, the things that he could not achieve in his past life, he wanted to absolve himself of such feelings.

[For what purpose have I come to this world? This is a chance for Medissa, but this is also a chance for myself—]

He formed a blank card in his Deck according to the Nightsong Tiger’s instructions. The card was a blank canvas, as though it was waiting for a guest to move into it.

“What is that?” Romaine saw Brendel taking a card out of from nowhere and asked curiously.

“My lord is going to save the little Elven girl.” The Nightsong Tiger explained: “He’s going to transfer her soul into the card and stablize the Soul Fire that’s collasping.”

“That sounds like the abilities of a summoner, but don’t they use crystals for that? Can you seal souls aside from magical beasts?” Amandina’s eyes glinted as she asked.

“You can think of it as a type of summoning.” The Nightsong Tiger answered: “But this is done because it’s the only way to let the girl stay here.”

The girls nodded. If the Soul Fire broke down, th

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