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Chapter 101 – Perfect completion

The battle was over before it started.

The high ranking Disciples of the Black Flames were no match for the Elven heavy infantry who possessed the Element powers. The Silver Elves who lived long lives were exceedingly focused on learning combat techniques. Not only did they have high physique and excellent equipment, they had continuously sought to improve their skills for centuries.

Under their watchful eyes, the slight movements that their enemies made were enough for them to see through their intentions. Brendel watched the disciples use their abilities in front of the Elven warriors and could not resist laughing. In front of the Silver Elves who pursued perfection in combat, it was the equivalent of desecrating the highest form of art.

The Silver Elves could not believe the servants of darkness dared to use such mediocre techniques against them. Their battles against the Dragon of Darkness and the Miirna were the greatest they had ever faced. Their enemies had exceptional magic spells and combat techniques that made them gasp. They had never despised the servants of Darkness, simply because they were truly at the forefront of the world’s civilization.

They were so skilled that more than a few of the Silver Elves actually turned to the Darkness. Yet these foes had declined, no, they did not even have techniques to speak of now.

It was an insult.

The disciples did not expect their last resistance to draw the ire of the Silver Elves. In fact, everyone under Brendel’s group felt ashamed when they saw the skill of the Silver Elves.

It was true!

After the War of the Holy Saints, civilization did not flourish but waned. The ultimate skills that both factions possessed had became nothing more than legends.

But regardless of what others thought, the battle in front of them was over in the blink of an eye. The disciples turned into headless corpses with black blood pouring out from their wounds, turning into streams that filled the uneven ground’s cracks.

It looked like a network of veins with black blood.

The white-haired youth seemed like he was rooted to the ground by an invisible force. His mouth was wide open with gurgling sounds in his throat, unable to form a word.

Suddenly a clattering sound could be heard behind Brendel’s group. They turned back and discovered it was the biggest man in the Grey Wolves Mercenaries who dropped his greatsword. That man did not seem to realize he dropped his weapon, and merely looked at the group of Silver Elves who had regrouped.

[Twenty Elves who had the unsealed their Element powers! Marsha above, the strongest forces in Aouine are not any better than them!]

Some of the Grey Wolves Mercenaries glanced at Brendel, wondering who exactly was the person who used them as guards.

[Is this merchant actually one of Kirrlutz’s princes? Did he come to this place by coincidence? Or is it a high level successor to the Holy Ca

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