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Chapter 109 – Looting the body and an accident

“Mana Arrow!” The Dark Bishop screeched as he launched it towards Brendel.

Brendel clenched his teeth and evaded the arrow by twisting his body, letting it slide across his chest. The hellfire scorched his skin and he felt like his whole body was set ablazed. Even though there was damage done, the outcome was much better than having a few of his ribs broken.

[Damn it. Even though I was on my guard against the Dark Bishop’s Cast Invisibility spell, I still got damaged.]

In the game, the tanking professions would usually take this damage, but Brendel was certain that he would not get caught by it with his reactions and was not disappointed by his agility.

If he failed to evade it, then the next few attacks would be a set of combination spells from the Dark Bishop. He would not get killed by that, but would definitely suffer for the next few days.

[But this is the only time where I can get full solo XP, since the Nightsong Tiger and the others will probably rush to help me out. In any case, now that the Dark Bishop has failed, it’s going to be my turn for a counter-attack.]

Brendel leapt and immediately got behind the Dark Bishops’s back with another swing of his sword.

As he expected, the Dark Bishop flung his arm in an arc and allowed the black shield to intercept Brendel’s sword, while a pile of black flames appeared on his left hand again.

[Although my attack only took 1/3 of the durability away, do you really think I can’t break your Shield of Darkness that only has 10 points?]

Brendel scoffed as he jumped backwards to avoid the second Mana Arrow. There was no need to be impatient.

The exchange of attacks took place during Brendel’s Charge ability. The Lizardmen realized their target had disappeared, and paused for a moment blankly before they started to search for him. When they spotted him again, they saw him attacking the Dark Bishop with a sword that was shining brightly—

He had called out the Stats Window during his retreat, and raised Frontal Assault to level five. At that level the defenses would be weakened by 10 OZ, and was effectively the bane of warriors who wore Heavy Armor as well as wizards with high level barriers.

Brendel’s sword started to vibrate intensely as the blade reflected the moonlight, and making it seem like it was clad with light.

The sword went in a straight line.

[Power Break, Frontal Assault, activate!] Brendel felt as though all his strength leaving his body and poured into the thrust.

The results did not disappoint him. The Dark Bishop stared at his shield which was breaking into a shower of fragments in great disbelief. That ordinary looking sword emerged past his abdomen and back without stopping, and once it did so, Brendel immediately released his sword and went behind his back.

When he did so, the Dark Bishop screamed loudly as excessive quantities of dark flames poured out from his eyes, nos

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