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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter60


TL: I’ll be returning on 27 August in order to finish up 2 critical assignments (Finally the nightmare of drawing animals are going to end, probably). In the mean time I might have the chance to do an illustration of Brendel’s squire card (Ciel).

TL: Scroll down till you see the Poll for the tl;dr version. This TL clarification section is going to go into TAS TOC as well.

So there’s a review there from reader ‘null’ innovelupdates.com.

“Good story but translator mess it with his/her “creative editing”. Re-writing original story are crossing the line of what translator should do. Might read the English translation if another translator translate the original story. “

And an additional post in the forums.

“1. He rewrites the story which he admit in the book 1 chapter 28 (way before I post that review). Translator job is to interpret things not rewriting story of his version , am I rite ?

2. Let start from prologue and we can see our going to be MC name in the new world , 布兰多 (Bù lán duō). Would you choose Brendel over Brando ? Then his mother nationality , 卡地雷哥 (kǎ dì léi gē). Would you choose Kadireig over Cartilage ? See the 4th paragraph from below, 戈兰埃尔森 (gē lán āi ěr sēn). Would you choose Grinoires over Grenelson / Glenelson ?

Doesnt take genius to see the name on that world already in western form. If we taking comparison like what he say in his response. Its like translating Full Metal Alchemist MC エ ドワード・エルリック (Edowādo Erurikku) into Squidward Patrick instead of Edward Elric. You dont need creative editing in the name of localization for that , rite ? :whistle:”

Here’s my take on TLing names.

If the author’s naming sense has a purpose and reason with either direct or indirect impact on the story, I don’t mess with it. However, sometimes purpose and reason doesn’t come clear until somewhere later in the chapters, which happened in my previous translated novel, Mushoku Tensei.

The two biggest mistakes that I made were the translation of Norns (I TLed it as Nora) and Laplace (I TLed it as Lapius), which directly referenced a Norse goddess and a scholar/scientific determinism, and so there is intention behind the author’s motives. I only found these way later when the plot was clearer and there were names that referenced gods and stuff.

These names were corrected by translators after me, and I’m glad it turned out that way.

Then there’s Paul (English) Greyrat, which could be Paolo or Paulo (Italian or Portuguese) depending on パウロ (pauro). I chose Paul, for the reason of general acceptability.

I also chose Janice Greyrat instead of Zenith. Here’s the original ゼニス (zenisu), and well, directly goes to Zenith (later used by translators after me). So in my Engrish mind, if I was to have a female daughter, would I name her Zenith or Janice? That’s how I view names. It’s either Rule of cool or common sense.

Therefore, my r

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