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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter41


TL: Darn. Think I lost some of my glossary notes because I forgot to save.

Anyway, I grossly underestimated on the things I needed to draw and I need to rework my schedule again. This ch is supposed to be the regular update for last week. Next update should be on the weekends. And I still haven’t got the time to edit my chapters… but I’m pretty sure you guys want to see more content instead, so I’ll be pushing it back again.

Chapter 41

“Then I will take my leave.” Brendel rolled up the scroll, but he was stole a glance at the girl again. Amandina’s current situation and her future made him a little sorry for her. He hesitated for a while before asking: “…… Do you have anything that you need help with?”

Amandina shook her head.

“No thank you. I am grateful for the news about my father, Ser Brendel.” She held against the door and replied, coughing twice.

[She’s such a stubborn girl, but at least she’s confident that she can take care of herself. Right now I’m not a good position to truly help as well because of my financial situation. At the very least, I need to sell these equipment at the auction that Roen is going to introduce…..]

Right when he was about to step out of the door, he heard chaotic footsteps going up the mansion’s staircase, and the group looked over to the direction of the staircase. Batum reached his sword with his hand under the robe.

“Seven, no, eight.”

“There’s no need to be tense here, we’re in Bruglas.” Brendel stopped Batum and stared at the direction of the staircase. A few moments after he finished speaking, there was a series of curses that came from below.

“Fuck, I really don’t want to come to this godforsaken place. We’re going to waste our time again since that bitch is so stubborn.”

“Shhh, all these noble ladies are the same. They act all arrogant and elegant, but once you threaten them a little, they would be shivering like little lambs and will do whatever we tell them to do. She will definitely hand over that thing.

“In any case, that respected noble had already said it is fine even if we finished her off. She’s just a fallen noble. If we don’t rough her up a little, she probably won’t even take us seriously.”

“Are you a moron? Can you trust anything a noble’s words? Their tongues are even sweeter than the devil’s—”

The group of men were arguing when they appeared from the corner of the corridor. There were precisely eight of them wearing the city’s security guards light grey uniform which were brand new. They did not expect anyone in the corridor, and almost everyone amongst them showed surprise in their faces.

Their first glance landed on Amandina, then on Brendel and Batum, and finally on the cripple at the very back.

“It’s you! Cripple, what are you doing here?” The leader frowned and asked.

Brendel stopped the cripple from going forward and turned his head back and asked:

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