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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter46


TL: Right now I have 4 art assignments that I need to clear within 3 weeks, and then I’m off for my term break. During the term break, I will be clearing off owed chapters from donations. Thank you very much for your support for the past 7-8 months. I will regretfully be closing donations from July until end of November because I simply don’t have the time to do extra chapters in the upcoming months (I’ll do a more detailed post during my term break about this.).

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I will focus my remaining time on my school work, and it is very likely that I’ll draw things related to The Amber Sword if I’m allowed to as my final project. It depends on how much freedom I have to do something like this, of course. I don’t want to get fans of the TAS series excited on some fully illustrated fanart moments or a book-like cover, but we will see how it goes. I really do think TAS would be pretty good as a webcomic/webmanga.

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Chapter 46 – Nest

TL: Recap. Brendel originally wanted to bid for the Elemental scroll, but it was out of his budget and he gave up. The next item he wanted to bid was the Rock Mercenaries’ Pendant which boosted creatures’ production. If you played Heroes of the Might and Magic, this might sound familiar.

“Everyone here should know this already. The continent Vaunte’s shape was formed when Mother Marsha entered into a contract with the Four Spirit Kings. It was under the basis of six different Elements that formed the borders.

In outskirts of the borders, lies the territory of the Elements, while the inner area is an incredibly vast land.

The powers of the various Gods that shaped the laws within this world is reflected onto the sky, forming the sun, the moon and the stars. Life was created from water with the nourishment from the Earth. The wind protected the life that was created, and the flames granted them wisdom and formed civilization.

The bible noted the thirteen million laws, a’thro (the laws of the Elements), did not apply to the Sea of Chaos. This chaotic energy was similarly reflected in the sky, and the evil disciples called it the Third Round Moon. The members of the Tree Shepard and the Unifying Guild called the Magic Moon.

It is said that this strange magical moon would appear once every decade during the summer, would overlook the earth for a few months. The powers of witches would be the strongest during this period, while users of the Elements would be the weakest during this period. It is also during this period when the Sea of Chaos brings about a tidal wave, birthing out monsters in this darkness because they are affected by the magic.

These monsters that came from the tidal wave attack the lands of

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