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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter84


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============ Conrad POV ============

“Why is it, that you don’t wish to tell us where they went?” Conrad chortled with mirth, smacking the flat blade of the dagger on the girl’s cheek: “Why do you want to risk your dear life for that group?”

The cold blade reflected the dim light seemed to emit a chilling feeling to her, and she twitched once. She lightly gasped and answered with a pause on every word: “…… My responsibility…… for failing to defeat you…… Only the weak….. would save themselves…… by betraying others.”

“I…… am…… different…… from…… you.” Her half-opened eyes hid the burning fury within her.

“Really?” Conrad did not get angry: “But you see, I’m not a patient man. As both you and I know, the Grey Wolves Mercenaries have seventy to eighty of their men here. I’m actually quite certain that not everyone is willing to sacrifice themselves for other strangers. I don’t need to remind you that mercenaries are mercenaries, after all. There is really no need to be so loyal. If you think about it, the results won’t change and I’ll get my answer. Why do you still want to persist in resisting? I can assure you that I don’t enjoy killing, so I’m giving you one more chance, little girl, otherwise you’re going to that useless goddess Mother Marsha.”

Scarlett’s eyelids twitched, and he waited with bated breath. In the end the girl gritted her teeth and shook her head.

“The other mercenaries…… are not me.” Her reply was curt.

“Then farewell, little girl.”

Scarlett tensed her body and paled. She was a normal human being who still feared death at the last moment, but it still did not overcome her willpower. She feebly clenched her fists and waited for her fate, closing her eyes tightly

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