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Chapter 92 – The kings and the dead (7)

============ ??? POV ============

Am I in a dream?

The Silver Elven Court was as perfect as my memories. The saintly white luster of the walls, ceilings, corridors and fences.

How long ago have I not dreamt of this……


“What did you address me?” That voice in my dreams became sharp as usual.

“I-I’m sorry.”

That dream……

I remember my mother said to me, when I pressed gently on my chest, I would be able to feel my warmth and life from my ‘heart’ with my fingertips. Only when one touched there, would they feel at peace.

It was precisely because of that, that my memories of the Cherau village became clearer, and how have I yearned to return to that time…..

“Father king, my noble sister….. I am sorry. It is all my fault.”

========== Brendel’s POV ===========

Brendel’s mind shuffled through different answers as to why the girl’s spirit was still around. He had calmed down from the shock, and thought if he saw it through a gamer’s perspective, this would be a developer’s immunity settings, that it was a follow-up to a quest and possibly the key to activating the Altar, and even though he could probably find the answer on his own—

Did it not look like the solution was in front of him?

[If this is a mission, then this little girl is going to wake up pretty soon. The only exceptions thus far in this world are the Planeswalker and the cards…]

Brendel looked up at the starry sky and waited patiently, wondering if the spirits also adhered to the game.

The mercenaries whispered amongst themselves, as Amandina grabbed Romaine’s hand and watched the Silver Elf warily. No one dared to approach her, as the unicorn was still beside her. The might exhibited by the Spectral Knight’s mount was still fresh in their minds and nobody knew whether it would go on a rampage.

But it was just as Brendel had predicted, the Elven girl’s eyelids moved and opened.

It was a pair of slightly vacant silver eyes with a little confusion in her eyes, which quickly seemed to be poured in with many things all at once. It was as if memories and complicated emotions filled her eyes up as it suddenly flickered with comprehension.

Her body moved a little, and she turned her head around to look at everyone around her.

She seemed to recall something, before she her brows were crunched into a sorrowful expression. Her body curled up as she coughed vehemently, and she brought her hands to her lips. Once she uncovered them, her hands were filled with silver blood. She reached out with her hands, trying to grasp the silver lance on the ground.

The mercenaries pulled out their weapons and were on their guard, and a few of them wanted to stop her.

“My lord, she has no more strength left to fight us.” Amandina quickly tried to persuade Brendel into stopping the mercenaries. She recognized the expressions of the Silver Elf, which was how she felt when she was at

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