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Chapter 108 – Lure (7)

The Golden Apple was a unique God-tier item in the game. Using that item would open the Destiny’s Gift of ‘The Golden Dawn’. The unique talent from this gift was ‘The Leaves of the Golden Tree’, derived from the true Golden Tree, and not the corrupted and useless Golden Demonic Tree.

The in-game lore of the Golden Tree described its true name as ‘Prana, The World Tree’, which was found at the edge of the world next to the Deep Lake. Indeed, it was one of the sources that provided the Golden Bloodline, and the talent rewarded a full 10% growth for all stats, and increased the Spiritual Points (SP) by ten times.

In the game, only a few of the best Elementalists managed to activate this talent through a quest. The Golden Apple was a dream for countless gamers.

This chance was presented in front of Brendel and in reach of his hands. As soon as he nodded, all his stats would increase and effectively add his MP pool by two times. He would even gain the passive ability ‘Quaduraple Casting’, which made it possible to effectively cast four different spells at the same time. It was the best ability any profession that used spells could have, and affectionately called as ‘The Fairy’s Language’ by the gamers.

All the analysis websites rated the Golden Dawn with a S+ Grade, and was even seen as an option for the warrior class simply because of the stats growth. It was even more compatible with Brendel, because he ultimately had to take on a side profession as an Elementalist to become a Planeswalker.

However, he did not hesitate for one moment and refused it entirely.

Even though the talent was good, he only had one chance to choose and wanted only the best talents, or at least the best available talents for his plan in this world. The game had countless gamers vying for the limited professions, but this world was different because there was no one at all—

He understood there were many opportunities in this world, and the Golden Dawn was merely something that looked decent.

He had two Talents he wanted:

Primeval Bloodline – All Stats increased by 10%, a reduction of 50% in penalty for taking side professions.

Genealogy Unification – All professions gain a unique modified skillset.

The first ability gave incredible value as Brendel had no idea how many professions he had to take on in the future, and the more professions he had, the more penalties he was going to have.

The second ability boosted all professions in some form, and he remembered that it added Fabled Hero to the Warrior Class: All abilities within the Warrior Skill Tree were increased by one level.

In the game, techniques were classified as such.

1-5: Elementary

6-10: Advanced

11-15: Veteran

16-20: Master

21 and above: Grandmaster

Classifications above Grandmaster had various names, but the highest of them all was Legendary, and could only be achieved by Genealogy Unification, or at least this

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