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Chapter 59 – The last night in Bruglas (1)

The start of Aouine’s final demise came about from civil wars. Oberg the seventh had gradually felt that he was becoming frail from his old age, and he was desperate to clear the path for the new king’s ascension to the throne. In the end, he was unable to wait any longer and acted against the two southern duchies in the southern kingdom, which were his greatest threats.

Oberg the seventh had ascended to the throne only when he was thirty nine years old. This king who was fated to have a terrible demise had great ambition when he was young, and he was determined to his grandfather, King Ansen. That was the period where he created the militia draft and city guards in the cities, allowing central Aouine to become the strongest in its era.

Unfortunately, Oberg the seventh witnessed how the arrogant duke Arreck practically forced Oberg the sixth to change the militia laws, and that event had forever left a dark impression in his heart. Unlike King Ansen who ruled with both firmness and flexibility, as well as ruthlessness and clemency at the right moments, Oberg the seventh did not possess the skill to do so. In addition, the era during King Ansen’s rule was peaceful and without wars. The royal crown was able to control the military forces without any trouble, while the current era was fraught with constant wars.

The wind became stronger in Bruglas’s outskirts. It came from the direction of the sea, and the wind followed the northern mountainous region Karanjar to Randner’s mountainous region, bringing along the scent of the forest and rivers across its long journey, and finally entered everyone’s lungs.

Romaine was standing barefooted in the water as she held the hems of her dress up. She looked up and closed her eyes to feel the wind on her face and neck.

“Brendel, the wind in this place feels like the exact same in Bucce!” She took a deep breath and exclaimed excitedly.

Amandina also took a deep breath, but she immediately coughed.

Brendel glanced at her before looking up. The night wind was bringing a dense cloud from the west and it covered a huge area. It blocked the stars, as if to signify that the kingdom was facing a bleak future.

Brendel did not feel any burden on him, and instead felt excitement coursing through his nerves. The future civil chaos that was coming soon, was a chance for him with his meager strength to change a heavy and cold history that was seemingly carved onto a rock.

This dark cloud was not a manifestation of a delusion, but a signal for him to start moving. Brendel suddenly turned his head back, as if he had sniffed out a sign from the air, and his cheeks even had a faint blush of excitement.

“Did you get the money?”

Roen did not understand why a simple news of the guard’s mistake sent Brendel into a short daze, and he felt that Brendel was becoming harder to read. He had witnessed Brendel’s strength when he fought against the Z

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