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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter67

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Volume 2 Chapter 67 – Brendel’s swordsmanship (2)

The silence in the hall continued. Brendel looked at Redi who still wore an incredulous face, then peered up at the still vibrating longsword in the ceiling and sighed.

He was not surprised at the outcome. When they exchanged the blow, he had felt that he was approximately five times stronger than the average man, which meant that he had just qualified as an Iron rank fighter, and was roughly the same standard during the time when he first entered the valley of the Golden Demonic Tree.

[Considerably impressive at this age, but you’re certainly not my match.] Brendel reflected on his current abilities. He was almost cheating in his growth. Entering to a Tier 1 power rating within one week, climbing to a mid-tier Iron Rank fighter, then becoming a entry level Silver Rank fighter. While he still did not match the growth of a ‘Chosen’, he definitely had the most impressive result in history for an ordinary man.

[I wonder if there’s anyone who can surpass this result.] Brendel mused to himself.

[According to the game’s calculation, a mid-tier Silver Rank fighter starts off at level 35. I need to get to level 40. That’s nearly 600,000 XP needed. I have to do this in seven months. Aouine’s Civil War starts off on December, and there’s a time limit after that for me to take part in it. If I miss it……]

His mind was working quickly, but he suddenly saw that the crowd was parting away.

Amandina uttered a surprised murmur.

Brendel also paused for a moment, then focused his gaze on two men behind the crowd. One of them wore a chainmail along with a blood-red robe. He wore a tall hat with colorful feathers on them, like an adventurer from Randner’s royal geographical society in Aouine. However, the emblem on his chest was not the Flaming Amber but a simple wooden medal.

There was an Emerald Bird carved onto it.

The man next to him was even bigger in physical size, and he wore a simple leather armor which covered only the most vital areas. His incredibly muscular arms were exposed outside his clothes, and carried a huge sword over his shoulders with a single hand.

His forehead was broad, but his cheeks were deeply gaunted as if they had been sliced away a knife. He lips were tightly pursed together, and coupled with his presence, gave the people who saw him for the first time a sense of great awe.

Brendel looked blanked at him.

[Isn’t he that man?]

A single strand of suspicion grew in his mind. The latter looked like a barbarian who came from the northern highlands that snowed throughout the year. The ins

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