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Chapter 76 – Night assault (2)

Redi and the person beside him walked closer and closer, the two lithe figures looking like they were floating specters in the thick fog.

Everyone at Brendel’s side had stopped their actions and looked over to their direction. Amandina lowered her head, estimated their direction and immediately paled. She raised her head and looked at Brendel, her eyes full of worry—

They had camped in an area where there was a clear landing, and the Mercenaries of Lopes had cleared all their tents. Even if they simply passed by the forest, they would surely discover this abnormal scene.

“Keep your hair on.” Brendel merely stared ahead and said. (TL: In here it’s a chinese idiom, so I replaced it with the english equivalent, sort of. It means “to stay calm.”)

Even though the people around him did not understand what the phrase meant, they regained their composure when they saw Brendel’s raised hand and unperturbed face. His action meant that they should not act rashly.

Amandina’s lips opened slightly.

The mercenaries were Brendel’s summoned creatures and completely obeyed the Planeswalkers’ commands. Even if there was a precipice in front of them and Brendel ordered them to advance, they would do so without hesitation.

However, in Amandina’s eyes, these proud veteran soldiers ceased their murmurs and actions just because of Brendel’s small action. Everyone became silent, and she subconsciously held her breath, not daring to exhale loudly.

The strength of the valley’s gale was at its peak, howling across the southern mountain’s entrance towards them. The branches beat upon each other and caused the leaves to drown out any other noises. Faint starlight danced across Redi’s face as the leaves swayed to and fro, making him feel like he was brooding.

The two people made their way across the thick foliage, but they did not act cautiously like how Brendel predicted they would be, to the point where they freely broke the dry branches beneath their feet.

Brendel changed his opinions and believed that Makarov did not tell his subordinates where Brendel’s camp was, and the two people had no idea they were near them.

[The ‘Maned Wolf’ probably wishes to avoid trouble as well.] Brendel thought.

They were less than a hundred feet away and Brendel was certain they would discover the abnormal sight here.

[If that stupid brat claims that they are suspicious of us, it will become impossible to explain our actions. Even though these two people are equally suspicious, Makarov will most likely believe in his men than any explanations of our own.]

He was actually tense like the others but he did not show any signs of it

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