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Chapter 83 – The story of fishes swimming in chaos (5)

==================== Makarov’s POV ====================

“He really said that?”

Even though the Grey Wolves Mercenaries were attacked in the night by the endless stream of Paper Cards’ mercenaries and Disciples of Black Flame, and forced to retreat to the south, Makarov did not lose his composure and calmly retreated in an orderly manner. He was even able to regroup and gather his forces to make an organized army. Just that point alone would have qualified him as a famous general.

He was with Buga as usual, and wore a fiery red military uniform that was reminiscent of the previous king’s personal cavalry guards’ uniform.

Makarov was once the commander of the king’s personal cavalry guards, and his fiery red uniform had been his symbol ever since he took on that position. The things that were missing from before were the shoulder emblems, badges and tassels.

His personal sword had not changed since the time he was the commander of the 35th cavalry unit.

That particular brand of sword was immensely popular amongst the level 30-40 gamers. It had the right balance of stats for its price and was one of the best Magic Swords at the ‘Brass’ rating. The quantity of the swords was also sufficient in the market, so it was well received.

Makarov calmly listened to Yula’s report without showing any signs that he was concerned with the enemies, but merely raised an eyebrow upon Brendel’s advice. He turned to Buga and asked.

“That youth seems to be prepared. Do we head east as well?”

“Hold on,” Redi urgently cut in. He had a higher degree of authority amongst the other mercenaries, otherwise they would not have interrupted the Makarov: “Commander, the enemies we are facing now are the Tree Shepherds! We should retreat and seek for a better plan right? If they are attacking openly now, I’m sure they are well prepared to fight us, continuing to fight with them in this forest would be falling into their plans!”

His words were rash and rude, but Makarov was used to his attitude and did not mind it. Redi suddenly thought of something and asked. “And Eke is still in town, he might not be safe either!”

Makarov eyed the youth and nodded: “Your words are not wrong, but there is no guarantee that the Grey Wolves Mercenaries would be safe even if we retreat to Chablis.”

He saw that Yula had lowered her head and knew that she was worried with her fiance. “In truth we have already suspected that Conrad wouldn’t be so easy to deal with. But we are prepared to face him ever since we stepped into the forest. As for Eke….. I am not sure what he discovered, but him staying in the town is also fine. Capo stayed behind specifically to protect him, so worry not.”

Buga did not offer any comments and simply listened to the conversation, but he suddenly turned his head around and immediately discovered a blinding light coming from the distant forest. A ear-piercing explosio

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