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Chapter 107 – Lure (6)

Brendel quickly recovered from the surprise and eagerly rushed to activate his Charge skill, moving across the terrain in a straight line, passed through the mercenaries and Elven infantry to swoop down into the thick of the fray. Dozens of Lizardmen rushed at him with their lances.

“Good! Come at me!” Brendel roared.

He activated Power Break and swung his sword to strike at the incoming weapons, knocking back the Lizardmen easily. With his current strength, he easily pushed back the Level 19 creatures.

He then took another large step forward, gripped his sword’s hilt tightly with two hands and swung it from right to left. The air instantly distorted and a translucent ripple could be seen rending the Lizardmen’s flesh and passing through them.

The foliage around him fluttered backwards freely from the Sword Rave’s shockwave. A series of green words and numbers filled his retina as the Lizardmen’s bodies separated into half. The enemies around him fell into a quick silence as they retreated in fear as the body parts were strewn in a fan-shaped area in front of Brendel.

There were only a few physical techniques that utilized thin air to wound the enemies other than magic and unsealed Elements. Medissa’s area of effect abilities did not come from her own Elven techniques but the Spectral Knight’s techniques. In order for a Silver Elf to do the same thing, they had to reach the peak level of 60 before possessing similar capabilities.

Brendel drew his sword back and changed his stance into a defensive one, taking time to breathe in properly.

Even though he killed only seven Lizardmen, the effect was more than enough to demoralize them. The Lizardmen nearest to him had their morale bars plunging to a red color, and they started to retreat away from him. The space around him was empty and gave enough time to check the amount of XP that he got.

[60 XP for these Lizardmen wielding a lance. A level 19 creature would give around 20 XP. I’m getting nearly three times the XP of a normal mob creature when I killed these lizards, this is just like how it is in the game. The Elven infantry got me 200 plus XP, I got 420 XP from my charge. If I kill a few Lizardmen leaders and the mobs around them, I’m going to level up!]

Brendel felt his blood burning hot. He was at 3200/7900 XP, and only had a chunk of XP required to get to reach level 25.

[Level 25 is a new checkpoint. Not only do I get a new talent, I can get the third ability from my profession. Along with that, I’m goint to be classified as a Silver ranked fighter, and only at the age of only nineteen. That’s at the level of a ‘Blessed’ character!]

Even though Brendel had never looked down on his NPC status, he was quite irritated to see ridiculous talents popping up around him with Gold-ranked abilities and stats.

[Or maybe I should target the level 25 dragoons or disciples first— Hold on, should I go after the Dark Bishop now?]

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