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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter58


TL: I hope you guys enjoy the end of that auction mini-arc, kind of want to close the file on that auction site. What’s going to happen next is me finishing my assignments first before going back to TL. That means I’m not going to TL TAS for a few days until maybe Thursday or Friday.

11 more ch to go

TL: Scroll down a lot if you want to skip to the story, otherwise read on for some analysis on the in-text power rankings.

I recall a comment on Mahouka Rettousei’s protagonist Tatsuya, describing him as a shark swimming in a very small pool, because he owned everyone in school. I find that it kind of applies to Brendel too. Most of the commoners/mercs react in a very WTF manner whenever Brendel does his stuff, but when it comes to the really strong people like Tirste, Brendel gets his ass handed to him.

Just for some level info rehash

Iron-ranked Tier is 16-30 (Brendel recently increased his level to 20.)

Silver-ranked is 31-40

Gold-ranked is 41-60 (Tirste is assumed to be level 40+ since his description is one who has just entered Gold Rank)

– Gold-rank + nearly unlocks Elemental power, 50-51

– Gold-rank + unlocked Elemental power, 51-60

Above that is some other term that I’ll revisit later since these characters have not appeared yet.

Here’s a power hierarchy that’s based on innate talent (ranked by me).


Soldiers/most mercs

Freya/Felix/Brendel (without the cheat system)

Ebdon/some of the Madara undeads

Tirste/People with ‘Blessed’ status/Brendel’s grandfather probably/Players in the game

Tulman (Planeswalker candidate to surpass level 160, but he failed)

Planeswalker who surpassed level 160

So just based purely on the history and lore, Freya managed to climb to the Goddess of War level some time later at the end of Aouine’s demise. I’ll assume that she’s at level 60+, maybe just slightly higher than gold rank and reached the next level.

Brendel/Felix has been described to be really good in the path of the sword, so if they are still alive, they will reach around Freya’s level, but probably slightly lower.

And they have basic NPC commoner stats.

I think I read somewhere from Brendel’s description in the story, Ebdon becomes really powerful if he’s not killed, and he’s alive even after Freya died in the original lore, and gave players a really hard time, so he’s next in hierarchy.

‘Blessed’ Status. As you can see, Tirste’s stats are off the charts. He has been described as having two times the speed of a F1 racing car (120 agility), and he has the toughness of a tank (60 phys), and stopped the Crusader Executioner with one hand. And he’s just level 40+.

Brendel’s grandfather is very likely to be powerful as heck, because Brendel had repeatedly said that he’s too good to be just a veteran from the November war.

When I look at it from a DnD POV, the stats growth of Brende

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