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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter66


TL: First of all, welcome back. Second, I’m a little sick at the moment (coughing out blood — bad case of sore throat), I expect to recover in a day or so.

TL: Things have changed a little due to certain circumstances and I assure you that it’s unrelated to the readers’ comments, but I kind of want to bring things forward.

The secret behind the name Sophie for the protagonist.

As you well know, many people disagreed with the name Sophie (ranging from mildly indignant to I-can’t-stand-the-sissy-name-anymore); I too didn’t like the name too. But, what comes later on in the raws was a particular moment was Brendel stating his real name “Su Fei” at some point. Here’s the conundrum.

1 – The inflection of the Chinese pronunciation Su Fei cannot be mistaken as Sophie (when you pronounce it correctly in English). Despite the notion that Su Fei is a transliteration of Sophie, this fact is only known to Chinese. To get an idea on how it actually sounds, go youtube the word “Souffle”, or google translate Sophie into Chinese and hit that audio button. You can’t mishear it into Sophie.

2 – Chapter 2’s title, Sophie’s world, seems to reference a particularbook. Sophie’s world is quite successful, with 40 million in sales and translated to 50 over languages. Intentional or not, this title will probably make more sense in the distant chapters ahead. And yet that title has absolutely nothing to do with the plot, unless one can consider his stats window to be the “world”. I did not read that far ahead, so I can’t give a conclusive answer.

3 – It doesn’t help that the Chinese characters for the name Sophie and the protagonist is the exact same as the one in Chapter 2 title.

4 – Later on, the protagonist used his original name in front of a couple of girls, who commented on his name where his name sounded like a girl’s name.

5 – Finally we get to the crux of the problem. I would like to think that Brendel would somehow mangle his Chinese accent into a “westernized” accent when he told the girls of his original name, and might even rearrange the letters to something like ‘Sufie’ in order to “westernize” it. Why does he go through such a loop? Well, he has always been cautious of him revealing that he’s another person from another world, and by revealing that he’s not really Brendel would have roughly the same effect of a witch getting caught in the medieval era.

This in turn leads to the reaction of the girls who state that his name sounds like a girl. Basically, Sufie = Suphie = Sophie (in the girls’ minds). Brendel does have a reaction in response to that, but I don’t exactly remember what it was.

6 – With everything considered, I personally thought that it was the author trolling his readers, mostly because the CN readers gave him the nickname of Big Sister (afaik it’s to make fun of him finding sick leave excuses every month?). But yeah, that’s how

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