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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 chapter44


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Chapter 44 – Bruglas’s underground auction (2)

The inside of the auction site in Maria’s market did not have a large space. It was the size of a mini theater with dim light in it, and surrounding the central ‘stage’ was a series of chairs that piled upwards. These chairs were for the commoners. There was a separate boxed area on the four sides of the stage, decorated with silk and satin. These areas had three levels in them, with a bronze telescope in each seat, placed onto a Redwood stand, in order to let the powerful nobles who participated in this auction look closely at the merchandise on the central stage.

Roen had enough connections to actually reserve this boxed area, but Brendel refused. He did not wish to draw attention to himself, and participating in this auction was only to see if he managed to obtain any unexpected items.

They got their number and proceeded to their seats. Even though Brendel looked calm on the surface, he had a repeating crossbow tied under his wrist and it was hidden until his knight uniform. The crossbow was armed with Tamar’s cursed bolts in order to prepare for any unexpected situations.

This particular crossbow was an intricate object that resembled a jewel box when it was opened. Amateurs would find it hard to use something like this, but Brendel’s profession compensated for this and with his passive abilities. Due to this ability, the knowledge in his mind allowed him to act like a veteran user of such weapons, and it was enough to the point where he could install simple mechanisms on his fingers and used them with proper aim.

After he sat down for a short while and the auction had not started, Roen came to him in a disguise along with a long robe covering him and sat beside him. He carefully looked to the left and right before he spoke.

“My lord, the poisoned daggers and the potions have been sold. The daggers had caught the eyes of a familiar guild, don’t worry, my lord, they were very generous with their gold. A single dagger for 2500 Tor Coins, and they did not ask who the seller was.”

Not every transaction was done at the auction itself in this site. In fact, the majority of the transactions that took place was done privately. The buyers and sellers went through a third party like Roen, and sometimes there were even more intermediaries, to ensure safety and secrecy. Each person only required a small amount of money to seal their lips.

In this grey underground city, no one was more talkative than them, and no one had tighter lips than them; it was a contradictory mix.

“What about the potions?” Brendel watched the staff with fake interest, while his attention was on the topic. He knew the rules well, and the items like the poisoned daggers and his potions typically would not be sold through the central stage.

“The potions are slightly more troublesome. The people from the

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