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Chapter 82 – The story of fishes swimming in chaos (3)

================= Scarlett’s POV ==================


A clear voice rang out from the forest, accompanied with hurried footsteps as if there was a group of people approaching towards a girl with red long hair. She tidied her hair band before turning back; her long eyelashes flickering once as she blinked at a burning torchlight nearby. Her irides were like red wine as they reflected the shimmering orange flames, but the expression she gave was a little hesitant.

“That voice sounds like it belongs to Cecilia. Wasn’t she supposed to find Yula and Redi, why is she back already? Did she find them, or did she encounter some form of trouble?”

The girl named Scarlett picked up the halberd in her hands warily. Brendel would have easily recognized the origins of this weapon. Beyond the ink-black body of the spear, the most prominent feature of this weapon were the faintly golden edges that fanned outwards at the tip, giving it a graceful deadliness.

‘Spear of Lightning, Roglas’ was a famous drop in Chablis. Any gamer with the appropriate level who used a spear would have wanted this spear. Even though it was a level twenty-five spear, the price within the online trading community did not fall regardless of time. There was only one reason why: The spear had a 1% chance of a special effect called ‘Whispers of Lightning when the user attacked.

This special effect was the same spell that an Elementalist used. It added 10% additional lightning damage, and was a particular strategy used by gamers. They would first use the spear until they got the special effect, then switch their weapons with the skill ‘Preparation’ without any penalties, as well as adding potions that were usually made by Wind Elementalists to increase their damage output.

However, if they saw the spear in Scarlett’s hands they would certainly be surprised. As far as they knew, it belonged to an undead knight that burned with crimson flame. (TL: The foreshadowing is certainly strong for sure…)

The first rumors of the spear was two years after the Grey Wolves Mercenaries’ battle, and was still held by the lizardmen bandits.

Scarlett raised her head up to look at the nearby hill. and saw several figures dashing out from the trees. She furrowed her brows. The Grey Wolves Mercenaries had a different meaning to her compared to her comrades. She was an orphan raised by Capo, and the group was like a huge family to her. She went into battle not for the sake of money, but for the sake of protecting this family.

Other than fighting in battles, she felt that she did not know anything else.

She had witnessed the Grey Wolves Mercenaries scoring victory after victory for eleven years, and her personal confidence improved every day until it formed into a feeling of glory. But this glory was shaken tonight when she did not understand where the enemies came from. There was no question their oppon

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