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Chapter 90

“I’m going to go behind his back.” Brendel replied.

The Spectral Knight was not going to stick around till it was finally killed by the cowardly mercenaries. Brendel checked on the HP of the monster and quickly prepared ahead. Once it reached about ten percent of its health, it would retreat decisively, and he could not allow his prey to escape.

“My lord, that’s too dangerous.” The Nightsong Tiger looked blankly at Brendel for a second before he guessed what he was about to do and tried to stop him: “Let me do it for you.”

“You know what I’m about to do?” Brendel’s incredulous reply came.

“You can teach me, my lord,” He answered earnestly: “We’re your loyal men, and you should leave this to us.”

“… I wish I can leave it to you as well,” Brendel smiled as he took out the long rope that was prepared earlier: “Sadly, you can’t do this task.”

“Why, my lord?”

“Do you know alchemy?”

The Nightsong Tiger’s mouth opened wordlessly before he rolled his eyes.

Brendel truly did not wish to do it personally. It was always up to him to clear up some form of mess in the past, but he had been worried about it every time he did so. Any mistakes here would not mean that he lost a level but death. The only safety line for him was the Unyielding talent, and as long as he protected his heart and head well, he could at least have a chance to survive, or at least write his final will.

The battle persisted for some time. The mercenaries used fortified crossbows that were banned, but most nobles closed an eye when it came to their usage. It was highly uncommon for most citizens because the people required at least 5 OZ in strength to use it properly, yet the damage done to the Spectral Knight was almost negligible.

In addition to that, the armor that it wore was resistant to physical attacks. The only time where it truly took damage was when the bolts struck critical points of the armor, but the Spectral Knight was not a wooden doll that sat there quietly. Despite the loss in speed from the debilitating effects from the magic bolts, it was still agile enough to avoid most of the projectiles.

Brendel was not in a particular hurry. The Nightsong Tiger had enough magic bolts to make the Spectral Knight weakened for at least ten minutes. With that amount of time, a dozen Iron-ranked mercenaries would deal enough damage to a Boss-level creature for it to retreat, and the current enemy was only an Elite-level undead.

He slipped quietly behind its back while it was distracted by the mercenaries. The distance he took was neither far nor near, about half a soccer field. It was the perfect balance for him. If he was any closer, the undead creature might notice him, if he was any further, his accuracy might drop too much.

His goal was not to backstab it. Even if he attacked the Spectral Knight, the damage done would not be effective to finish off the remaining 10% HP.

[If I am already at a Silver-rank, if

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