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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter57


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Chapter 57 – Weight

Brendel sat down on a chair with a hesitant face and looked at viscount Tirste, but his mind was conscious of the new facts that came to him, and was moving quickly.

[The Unifying Guild most likely suspects the relationship between Leto and me. I don’t know how Tirste recognized me, but this means that the news leaked very much earlier than I suspected. The Unifying Guild bastards’ goals are authority. The entire kingdom, royal family or the government are their enemies. If the Unifying Guild is interested in us, then it’s because of the effects we had on the refugees.]

Brendel’s lips curled up slightly.

[If I consider that, then I still have a certain gambling chip… No, I shouldn’t see it as a chip. A balance scale is more appropriate for this situation. Tirste has a Weight called “Brendel’s life”, and my Weight is “The ability to control the masses”. Which is heavier, that’s difficult to say.]

Brendel would not act like a rookie at this juncture, and he was certain that he had an advantage for knowing what the opponent had in his hand.

[I won’t give on the stakes yet!]

Brendel tilted his head and gave a small smile, lowering his attitude: “Very well. You won, or perhaps I should say your sword has won. Viscount Marnowell, Ser Tirste. I have not dealt with you before, but since you believe that I have something to do with the Red Bronze Dragon, Leto, then I will be open with you. I’m sure you want me to join you, but your goals should not end just there right—”

He spoke and send a small gesture to his summons to watch for any other intruders around the area, as he did not want anyone else to interfere with his plans. The gesture was mostly hidden, and it did not fool Tirste’s eyes. Brendel had intended to show that on purpose.

A gesture could sent the correct signals, and it could also transmit the wrong hint.

After receiving the order, the two mercenaries expressed themselves through their eyes. They took their axes and stood silently on each side of the door. The mercenaries had all the qualities of the legends, unified, brave, loyal, as well as having a great insight to strategies.

Tirste placed most of his attention on Brendel with a hand on his sword, but when the mercenaries moved, he lifted an eyebrow.

[These mercenaries are as good as the rumors. No wonder they are able to clear a path through Madara’s armies.]

Brendel had successfully led Tirste to reconsider the situation.

Tirste believed that the youth in front of him was quite likely to be the mastermind of the mercenaries, and in truth his guess was not wrong. But the problem it was only a guess. When he tried to find some evidence through Brendel’s words, he did not say anything useful at all.

The first basis of the negotiation wa

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