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The Amber Sword – Volume 2 Chapter49


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Chapter 49 – Fishing in troubled waters (1)

The gleaming white skeletons stopped at the same time and raised their bows, the steely bows uttering a groaning sound, before the strings were released.

The adventurers and mercenaries below finally realized the situation was a grave one, but the attacking Zombie Outlanders were forcing them back.

Brendel checked Romaine and Amandina’s position again, only to find they were missing. His heart raced quickly, and he smashed the chairs around him. The splinters flew over to the nearby Zombie Outlander who was fighting with Batum.

It was momentarily distract and Batum took the chance to cleave it into two. There was a thunderous clang as the Zombie Outlander’s armor was destroyed together with the body, and numerous silver light flew into Brendel’s body.

At the same time, Roen and Ciel managed to make the other Zombie Outlander retreat. Brendel shouted to them and they turned back.

“DId you see Romaine?”

“We’re here!” Romaine stood up with one hand waving at Brendel fearlessly, while the other hand was still being grabbed by Amandina.

“Stay down!” Brendel shouted, then he ordered Ciel next: “Ciel, Wall!”

Ciel understood the simple instruction and immediately raised a ruby up. Countless lines spread out from the ruby and extended everywhere. Ciel put his willpower into it and created a wall that extended fifty meters, covering both Amandina and Romaine.

Thousands of lines that formed glowed brightly and disappeared, and an Aerial Wall was formed.

The skeleton archers’ bows continuous firing sounded like there was a chaotic song of string instruments. The first barrage of arrows struck onto the nearest people, and they fell to the ground lifelessly, while the next barrage continued to fire onto the second and third row of people, causing them to slump over.

But Ciel saved even more people. Every time the arrows struck the wall, white light would glow from the area. The frequency of the glowing light increased as the arrows continued to pour onto it.

This wall finally seemed to wake the confused crowd. There were many wizard acolytes and low level Elementalists, and there were even mid-level wizards amongst them. They did not understand what happened earlier, but they finally understood they were under attack from the undead. They stood up and activated their rings and even chanted openly.

With the combined forces, light beams poured out from the windows and doors from the auction site. Then a series of explosions could be heard. Shockwaves carried bone fragments, dust and wooden splinters everywhere, and a few skull heads even reached Brendel’s feet, rolling near him.

Dust spread everywhere in the auction site, and he coughed twice. His sounds were drowned out by the constant yells around him. He pushed away a few stumbling mercenearies and shouted to the area a

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