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Chapter 89 – The Kings and the dead (4)

The Spectral Knight raised its spear for the third time, moving much slower than before, and the Nightsong Tiger shot a bolt before it was ready to attack. The sky-blue Bolt of Wind struck the Spectral Knight’s horse from the front, and trails of colored wind wrapped around its hooves.

The binding magic was effective, and both the Spectral Knight and its mount were slowed down once again.


Brendel immediately pulled the Nighsong Tiger to safety while he read the effective data. The Spectral Knight’s attack had landed on their original positions.

[That projectile was almost spot on for accuracy. For someone who has the stats of just an Iron-ranked fighter, the Mercenaries of Lopes are quite impressive indeed. Right now the distance we have is giving me enough time to read his moves, and we just need to lead him to the ambush.]

The ambush was no more than fifty meters away. Brendel believed that the effects of the bolts were going to last more than two minutes, which gave them enough time to lure it.

The Spectral Knight thrust its lance after missing the third Vortex Strike. The lance’s stab through the air seemed to create a vaccum, which created an explosion of air rushing to fill its void, distorting the vision of the nearby trees into a maelstrom, causing them to break and crunch loudly, with the void rushing towards the two men.

Brendel quickly dragged the Nightsong Tiger behind the cover of the largest boulder while he summoned the Magic Control card in his hand. (TL: Magic Control, a Planeswalker’s card that seizes control of a magic.)

[This time it’s Seismic Blast. Let’s see if this still works.]

The card lit up brightly and the blast of air was directed back at the Spectral Knight, causing its body to shake massively. Brendel saw that it did more than three hundred damage and chortled in his mind. The thrusting of the lance made it seemed like a physical attack, but the gamers eventually discovered that it was Soul magic, and countered it by sealing off such properties to render it useless.

Because the Magic Control card was a counter-magic spell, he thought that it might work. The damage caused it to lose a third of its health, and Brendel was certain that it entered into a Stunned state, and would enter Stage Two of its boss phase. Brendel quickly pulled the Nightsong Tiger to his feet and they started to run to the location of the ambush.

The intelligence stat of the undead Spectral Knight was considerably high, so he was also certain that it would not use the same attack again.

When the Spectral Knight shrugged off its Stunned status, the two men had already reached the ambush point with shallow breaths. They were pushed to their utmost limits from the very start. Even though the entire exchange was done in less than thirty seconds, they were starting to get tired. Brendel’s forehead was full of perspiration, which was no better than h

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