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Chapter 97 – Fallen (2)

=========== Conrad’s POV =============

They did not say anything after Redi finished speaking.

The slightly cool wind swept across the entire battlefield under the night sky, and the scent of blood permeated the air. The monster-like commander of the ‘Paper Cards’ and the dark bishop stood there quietly, as though they were digesting the information that Redit told them.

Conrad smiled as he looked at Redi as if he praising the latter’s cooperation. The truth he would find it praiseworthy, regardless of the latter’s brave resistance in order to die or his obedience towards him in order to live.

“Twelve guards with the Silver-ranked strength.” He repeated the white-haired youth’s words: “What do you think?”

“Twelve?” The dark bishop looked at Conrad: “I feel that group is a decoy, but it’s also the truth that Eke was not in Makarov’s forces.”

“No, you should stop doubting the information in front of you. If you keep hesitating it will only ruin things.” Conrad waved him off and looked at the kneeling youth on the ground: “Are you a noble from the Kingdom of Unchanging Skies?”

Redi nodded quickly after a lull.

“Good, it seems like you have more value compared to these miserable fools.” Conrad’s smile was like a devil: “We don’t need people who have no value so they got disposed of. But you are different; you have a strong will and clearly know what you want. The Grey Wolves Mercenaries are done for, and those who are smart know when to go over to the other side. Do you want to join us?”

Redi looked at him in with a dumbfounded expression. He did not understand what Conrad meant. The latter had guessed of his identity, and he was afraid that his noble status would actually harm him when he heard Conrad speak of it for the first time.

However, it was clear if he refused to join them, his ending would be the same as the useless cowards before him.

Redi was once again hesitant. He had betrayed his conscience once, and right now he was like a merchant who kept losing money. He poured in more investments in order to gain back capital, but it did not seem to be working at all no matter how much he wished for it. Conrad had given him a final rescue buoy. His hesitation only lasted for a few moments before he gritted his teeth and grabbed it.

Even if he was to die, that would come later on.

Conrad laughed: “Very good. I’ll lend you a few men, no, a whole squadron. I want you to lead them and chase that group of fifteen people. You don’t need to kill them all, but if you managed to do so, I’ll give you the leadership of the Paper Cards.”

He slapped Redi’s face lightly: “Don’t worry, I am not lying to you. I have somewhere else I need to be after this mission.”

Redi did not pay much attention to the leadership because he was more interested in killing Brendel. He was secretly relieved as he thought he was going to be killed on the spot. Now that he was offered a chance to

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