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Chapter 105 – Lure (4)

Four of the Lizardmen’s mount darted through the darkness, their faint shadows passing through the valley like river streams. A few moments later, the rider who was leading them raised his hand high up, and the others quickly pulled back their reins to turn their mounts around, then started to dismount one by one.

Brendel held his sword down with one hand while he nimbly left his mount by standing on the stirrups, jumped up from them and landed gracefully onto the ground. When he did so, he heard Romaine grumbling loudly behind him:

“Brendel, riding this thing is awful—” She was still on her mount with her eyebrows in a frown with her hands rubbing her neck: “It’s not exciting at all and it’s painful.”

Brendel laughed as he went over to her and helped her down.

[If I let our highness Romaine have fun on this mount, would you still follow me properly?]

The Lizardmen’s mounts were creatures that crawled on the ground, moving in a ‘s’ direction that jerked from side to side. If the riders did not have specific training on it, they would not have an easy time on it. Brendel had wasted ten-odd skill points on it from the Lizardman prisoner to learn how to ride it.

He had learned this lesson in this game once already and would not fall into such a trap again. But when he saw that her face was slightly pale, he felt a few pangs in his heart and replied gently: “Take a short rest.”

The battles ahead did not involve Romaine.

“Then I’m going off to nap—” She jumped down from her mount with Brendel’s support with his arm, and blinked at him: “I’ll be praying for you.”

“In your dreams?” Brendel asked with some exasperation.

“Yes, in my dreams.” She nodded seriously, her smiling eyes forming in a line like she scored a small victory, then ran past the Mercenaries of Lopes who walked out from the forest. Brendel’s mood also lifted up when he saw her actions. He was truly fond of her optimistic mindset even under dire circumstances. Every time she smiled, he found his heart getting conquered by her, regardless of the old and new Brendel.

Even from the first night in Bucce, he found it hard to take his eyes off her whimsical actions.

He took in a deep breath and allowed the cold air of the night to enter his lungs, and slowly cooled down his slightly dazzled mind which was getting hot. When he spotted the Nightsong Tiger, he paused for a moment before moving straight to him while waving the back of his hand at him:

“Prepare for battle, the enemy is only two miles away from us. Hurry up, I want all these XP from the two hundred Lizardmen to be taken completely.”

Brendel did not like to waste time on pointless banter before the battle. He had explained everything clearly to them and it was just a small ambush. It was not even really an operation that required tactical maneuvers like those in the game.

“XP?” Sanford looked like he was confused as he got down from his mount as h

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